Love the Coker!!!

A friend of mine lent me his Coker for a few months, and I started riding it last weekend. I love it. I actually regret that I didn’t buy a Coker rather than my KH24. It’s fast, on the road and in the trails.

Anyone out there with any advice for me would be much appreciated.

Love the Coker!!!

ahhh? dont ride faster than you can run, wear wrist gaurds and watch out for low hanging tree branches.

Don’t use pepper spray when a dog comes after you. You’re body freaks out and your arms swing everywhere as you try to maintain balance during your panic. You just end up nailing yourself and then you get eaten.

I just got into cokering, and i could say i’m a full blown cokeur maintenant. Woah, i mean “now.” dang, i’m speaking french instead of english a lot lately… a month in france will do that to you.

it’s fun, ripping down the trails on one wheel.

welcome to the club!

Ride it alot.

advice- PIF to me :slight_smile:

(PIF=pay it forward…like the movie)

I can use peper spray on daogs quite well:D

My advice - get one and ride it.

I love riding my coker. It’s fab.


That’s good advice. I will get one soon. Do you ride in the trails on your coker? I’ve done it twice now, and what a rush, as long as the trails were not too technical.

Silly advise, you can easily ride faster than you can run, falling doesn’t hurt that much, I’ve had more injuries from trials than crashing at high speeds. STOP SAYING IT.

Ride it and get comfortable on it.



shut your freakin hole.

I pretty much agree with you. Although, I had 127mm cranks on it at one time, and your feet would hardly be moving. So, when speeding along, if I fell off, my feet were going nowhere near running speed. But now, I have 175mm cranks on it, and it’s great for the trails. Faster is definately more fun.

i also love my coker

as long as other people are giving tips, don’t smoke in bed

i want a coker

Jagur, are you even a coker rider? Have you ever fallen at speeds of 30km/h or do you obey by the golden “Don’t go faster than you can run.” rule.
It was thought of by ONE MAN, people are scared to go above their running speed, and if they do they go “Please don’t let me fall, please don’t let me fall, I won’t be able to run it out!!!” with as a result, they WILL fall, because they’re not giving it a good chance.
I’ve gone 39.3km/h downhill, and it was perfectly safe, I’ve crashed at 33.2km/h on a downhill, and all I got was some scratches on my knee and elbow, if I was wearing protection, I doubt I’d even have a bruise.
Next time, instead of just writing “shut your freaking hole.”’ you might explain WHY I am obviously wrong in your opinion, and you might try to keep it a bit decent you pleb.



Actually, this influenced my speed on my coker for the first couple of months. Then I thought that the only time I have had a fall from my 29er, it came completely out of the blue and - minute I was riding and the next minute flying through the air thinking, I’m not going to like this - splat! So I decided that if I fell off whilst I was riding faster than I could run, then I would hurt myself. But it probably wouldn’t be the end of the world.


I do ride on very gentle off road stuff. It’s the best way to get away from all the stupid comments and see some lovely scenery.


falling while going downhill is not as brutal as a fall to flat concrete. it would be hard not to roll out of that one.