Love that MUni

Since pounding my tailbone with the seat of my giraffe several weeks ago (still feel it back there, just not so bad), I had stayed off the MUni and been riding the 29er mostly on pavement and recently some cross country.

Yesterday I took the MUni out for the first time in about a month, on the Tour d’Wolf Trail. Had a BLAST. Rode just under 7 miles, drank just under 2 liters H20. Camelback my new best friend.

I LIKE riding many different styles of unicyles.

LOVE that MUni!!:smiley:

So I go out today for a repeat and find that most of the Tour d’Wolf trail is being used for a 5 lap mountain bike race. So I ride against the flow of traffic, but respectfully off the trail a bit.

3 times the passing riders gave me the thumbs up. 2 times we performed the extended 4 fingers touch (kind of a high five in motion). Numerous nods and grins.

Contrast that to the morons on the road who try to scare you with a HOOOOOOOOOOONK or yell or flip the bird.

Better class of people on trails, I think.

Loving Muni

Sounds like some great rides MM. I love reading about other rider’s outings.

I hope to get to try out a Muni at this Thursday. --chirokid–

Re: Love that MUni, and Trials and 29’er…

I TOTALLY know what you mean about liking different styles of uni’s, MM.

Now that I am on summer holidays I can ride a different uni each day!

Friday it was trials on my Monty; worked some backwards riding and seat in front too .

Saturday it was a nice long sweet urban bike trail ride on the 29’er with its road tire and ever so light frame/wheelset. Just breezing along through the trees and past smiling joggers.

And then today the Gazz and I hit the trails for some MUni training. I’m working sections of trail that have rock gardens and root playgrounds… I’m trying to ride more technical levels so that I can keep up with other MUni riders when I have the good fortune of riding with them. :smiley:

I feel so lucky to have such a fine stable of uni’s and to have the opportunity to ride a different one every day. Man gotta love it, eh!