Love Internet Videos video. (vid response)

This sess was done in less than 30 min.
(I was trying to break my wheel so I can justify buying a kh 08 lol, jk)

Kinda a joke too

Hah. I liked the humor and the song was a good match to shaun’s lol.

Riding was pretty nice.

i was joking, thats why i said “jk”. When I get a kh '08 I will have 3 trials unis :p.
glad you liked it.

yay 120 views and only 2 comments besides myself. At least you can tell me how much you hate it.

In addition to shaun, I hate internet videos.


But this one was enjoyable.

Nice job on the double.

nice double down the 5!
I enjoyed it a lot.

I liked that video.

No fear, thats the way to hit rails. I want to see you really slide one though. This is the second video where you just tap the rail.

I know, I’m trying

see, Shaun you could really learn from this video… :sunglasses:

You should try a longer rail. I would think it would be easier to slide.
Not that I can talk much cause I haven’t tried any rails at all yet.


haha, awesome! :slight_smile: