Love - Hate

hey all! i just had a new idea for a thread, post here your love - hate relationships with unicycling (obviously the love of it outweighs the hate, otherwise none of us would be here :D)

Il start.

I love learning something new
I hate not being able to do it the day after :frowning:


I love… unicycing in general.

I hate that I am getting soft and don’t feel like riding in -35 (-47 with windchill today, I thought that we left the cold behind last week but I guess I was wrong) Last year I unicycled in -40 no problems other than frozen seats and shattering a handle cause apparently they get brittle when it’s that cold

now thats dedicated. Where i live its unusual for the temperature to drop much past freezing even in winter…

haha… sucks for you. I love minnesota!!! w00t, tomorrow is like -40,

i love being able to invent for unicycling, and also doing huge drops that scare me totaly

i hate when people bash my ideas, or when i get hurt doing huge drops, also spectators when im unicycling, they make me mess up. i also hate chainmail

i love sucess and the great feel of accomplishment.

i hate the pain and dissapointment when you dont get something, epseccially when you are so close to a trick but just cant quite get it.

I love the fact that unicycling still has so much more room for developing tricks of all kinds - I’m currently working on a new one : )

I hate the fact that on plenty of tricks, I actually land it, then something in my mind convinces me to jump off… Very frustrating,

I love sleeping
I hate waking up;)

I love that unicycling has introduced me to interesting and fun people from all over the world, given me a really fun activity to share with my son, and sent me down the road of learning with “endurance athletics” that’s not a bad thing for a guy in his 40’s with way too many cigarettes in his past to be studying.

I hate that I didn’t learn unicycling as a kid, the way I did skiing. Skiing is like breathing to me now, but unicycling will never be that way.

I love unicycling in general yes. Landing something new feels awesome and getting creative is lots of fun.

I hate injuring myself from unicycling and not resting for long enough which usually results in making the injury worse… Plus I break my seat about once a month.

i love the feeling of unicycling and doing things that amaze people.
I hate the fact that ive had my nimbus isis trials uni since christmas and the wheel is already a bit buckled and i dont know how it got like that :frowning:

i love riding around and jumping over and off everything and learning how to do new stuff
i hate the fustration of not being able to do something no mater how hard i try (unispins atm) and i hate those prople whp moan about everything, like police, park wardens, chairmen or the parish councils “actually i do own that bin so get off of it”
but it is fun to annoy these sort of people too:D

ahah i know exactly what you mean… like school ground care-takers who wont let me jump up concrete steps???

I love unicycling, especially on my nimbus 36.
I hate not being able to freemount said nimbus.

I love unicycling.

I hate you.

I also hate not having enough money to keep a full stable of unicycles…I have to pick and choose what two wheel sizes I want :frowning:

I hate injuries!

I love unicycling.

I hate you.

I also hate not having enough money to keep a full stable of unicycles…I have to pick and choose what two wheel sizes I want :frowning:



he’s had a hard day, best you don’t speek to him for an hour or two. - I’m sure he dossn’t mean it.

I love the creativity that can happen when unicycling. I found some plywood topped palletes today with my mates who skateboard. Setting them up in defferent ways kept us occupied for a couple of hours.

This has allready been said but I too dislike it when people say your not allowed to unicycle here or on that wall or something similar. Most of them do have a better argument than me most of the time though.

I love to help people unicycle whether it be here or in reality.

I hate when they give up and think that unicycling is the worst sport to learn. :angry: