Love at first sight: T 7 meets 29'er!

They were meant for each other!

The T7 is an amazing addition to the 29’er. I first got it with the idea that it would allow more options for weight transfer on long rides. But after a 21 km test ride today I discovered a few other wicked aspects of using the handle. Riding hills if sooooo much more powerful, both up and down, when grabbing the T7. Also, the handle has opened up a whole new world of possibility for increasing my speed. Clutching the grips in my excited paws I could immediately pedal faster…pulling up, pushing down…it all made a big difference.

Can’t wait for the long weekend ride with my unipal, Slugbath who is way ahead of me when it comes to the T 7, she’s had hers for a whole two weeks already. :slight_smile:


T 7 pilots view 2 smaller.bmp (900 KB)

T 7 profile view smaller.bmp (900 KB)

T 7 touring handle 1 smaller.bmp (900 KB)

looks like it would be a good addition to my 24, i can just imagine…:smiley:


I like the handlebar tape wrap to cover the excessive blueness. The tape ads character. :slight_smile:

I also like the tape lol. It looks really nice…I think i’ll get one for my 29, when i get my 29 lol. Did you get those grips off of udc too?

Thanks guys.

Yeah, too true John, the intense blue was a bit much for me and my deep purple powder coated 29’er hence the tape.

I actually ordered the handle through our LBS which happens to be a dealer for

The grips are from the bargin bin at the bike shop. They are simple as far as bike grips go but perfect for this application.

Oh okay, cool. What kind of uni is that anyway? The purple is sharp looking.

Beautiful. Not overkill at all. :slight_smile:

its beautiful do the grips come with?


That handle and set-up looks great. I am glad you got it. The blend of black tape and black grips helps cover the blue powder coating very nicely. :smiley: (that is the only feature that I do not prefer)

I am going to have mine powder black coated to match my uni next winter. (Which of course will make this a very expensive handle! :astonished:

Perhaps the manufacturer will start making this handle in other colours, now that it seems to be catching on. :roll_eyes:

It is a great handle for touring. Highly recommended!


Looks awesome. I have a T7 on my 36er; keep thinking about putting one on 29er muni as well, but it is a bit pricey for that…

Has anyone had experience offroading with the T7? Does it get in the way? Is it any use for hopping etc? (I’ve tried it on the 36 but that’s a pain to hop anyway).

That looks great. Maybe one of these days I won’t need my arms flailing away for balance and I’ll be able to make use of a handle:o . I love riding my homebuilt 29er. It’s such a great size. What saddle is that you’re using?

Underdog: I’m just using a original KH seat. I have tried the Freeride and found that its flat profile didn’t work for me. And yes, I know what you mean about hands flailing, I find that often just using one hand on the handle is great as it still allows the other for ‘reach for balance’ or flail, in not so many words. :slight_smile:

Mark: I was sort of wondering about the MUni application for the T 7 myself but at this point I think it would be more than what’s necessary. Hopping seems easier with the grip in close to the body which is best achieved using the seat handle. But then again on a cross country type of route the T 7 would probably be an awesome aid in hill climbing and during descents.

Rob: I thought of having the T 7 powder coated too but, as you mentioned, it would be expensive. On the other hand, handlebar tape is cheap.:smiley:

skianduniaddict: The grips are just inexpensive bike grips that I dug out of a bargin bin at my local bike shop. They work great!

cathwood: thanks Cathy, cool that you remembered my previous post.

Chexjc: The frame is from Bedford as is the custom purple powder coat. It was a xmas present a few years ago from my best pal.

And you can change colors or style of tape to suit your mood or whims. :sunglasses:

Cork tape would look neat. I always liked the Off The Front tape back when I was road biking. Especially the skull and crossbones version for the novelty of turning my handlebar into death grips. The Off The Front tape is removable and washable. A neat way to personalize a ride.

Lookin very very nice. Thanks for the review. Will def be goin on my soon to come 29.

DO the water cage holders actauly seem like they will be handy?

Good question about the water cage holders, agentQ. I haven’t mounted a cage yet though I do have one waiting in the wings. Of course the cages themselves will mount neatly, no problem there, but I’m not sure how the added weight of a full water bottle will feel. It will take some experimenting. I suspect that if I use them at all it will be a bottle either in the front or the back but not likely both.

For that matter, it is hardly ever that hot here and we are rarely that far from a source of beverages to feel compelled to load that much water on the uni itself.

I’ll see how it goes. Actually I was toying with the idea of searching for one of those water bottle bolt mounted bike bags. I think I saw something like that a while back and thought it might be a nifty way to carry the little tool kit that I always bring along when I uni. This type of aplication for the water bottle cage mounts could end up being more useful to me than even the water bottle.

Anyone else seen these little cage mounted bike bags?

I’ve carried a bottle under the front of my T7 quite a bit. I didn’t notice any handling difference; but I do carry a lot of stuff both on my uni and on my back (and it’s a 36er, so it’s huge anyhow). I find it’s nice to have some energy drink with you and it saves carrying it on your back, even if you’re not drinking whilst riding.

I’ve seen little screw-top tubs shaped to fit into a bottle cage designed to carry tools etc. You could probably also just strap a frame bag under the T7’s front or rear.

Yea a little holder pocket of sorts would be very cool. I will look into that myself, also maybe a light of somekind.

I realy like those grips. Looks ment to be

when you use both hands on the handle does it feel like your leaning forward alot?

For the pocket holder, wouldn’t it be better to have a backpack or something simular. As for the light, you could have the light go through the handles. So it ends up looking like a headlight on a car.

Well i have my seat tilted back slightly so i can balance myself out when i’m holding onto the handles. :smiley: