Louisville KY area MUni Rendezvous, June 05

Fall may be a problem for such a trip. So, rethinking. Looking at JUNE.

Check these trail reviews. Both get very high marks from Mountaing B*kers.
Fort Duffield Trail
Cherokee Trail

Also, Louisville KY is very centrally located for most of our typical attendees. We may even entice a few new riders.

6 hours from Pittsburg, PA (Billham)
6 hours from Memphis, TN (MUCsters)
6 hours from Chicago, IL (Digital Dave)
6-3/4 hours from Atlanta, GA (Bugman, Reidj)
4-1/2 hours from Sevierville, TN (Chirokid)
4-1/2 hours from Crossville, TN (PUCsters)

Unfortunately, Connecticut is way the h*ll up there.

What do you think? As for dates…toss some out there.


I would come if it is June 24,25,26.

I am saving days off in July for NAUCC, but the June dates would be good for training.

If in Aug 12,13,14 would be good.

I know I am odd, I actually have all my vacation days scheduled for the year in Jan… sometimes I can be flexible, but it is such a pain in the arse to change them, I rarely do.

Sorry Bugman, I have to vote for earlier in Jun. First or second weekend works for me.

If it was the second week of June, I might have a better chance of getting come people from our uni “club” to come down with me.

Thanks for working on pulling something together, Tom.


I have no idea if you asking people to come, but if you are I would love to come. I am about an hour from Louisville and i would enjoy coming and unicycling with some folks. But if not that cool to i guess… I live in Evansville so if i could get mroe info that would rock, thanks


Beg Pardon. Let me be clear.

Everyone is welcome. Riders or non-riders. We’re there to ride the trails. But non riders usually find something fun to do. Swimming, hiking, shopping… The riders vanish down the trails for several hours, but we always return.

We’ll be camping somewhere. People have joined us in the past and they stayed in nearby hotels. What’s fun is Saturday night is Pot-Luck night. Everyone makes or brings a dish to the campsite and we eat a feast.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of riding around with 10-15 knuckleheads, you ain’t lived.

Please come. The more the merrier.

I wish it was a little closer to the coast… i think we should have a muni meet in snowshoe, Wv. they have a great lift-fead freeride park, and some really nice, long DH shuttle runs.

This Sounds Great!!! Id Like To Get Out To Other States To See What They Have For Trails. Will There Be A Join Up Fee?? Or Is It Just Show Up And Go?? Im Clear Up In SD And Like Bugman Said It Should Be After NAUCC I Probably Wont Compete In NAUCC But I Will Be Going So Sometime In Aug. Would Be Nice:)

No Fees. (Except pay your own way. Bring your own food and beverage)

This is just a bunch of uniers in the same location. No official agenda. We like camping…we like MUni. We’ve got one scheduled for Apr 29. Now this in early June. We’ll probably go somewhere in August and September too. These are 2 - 3 day, weekend excursions.

Typically, state parks allow a pop-up and a tent, or 3 or 4 tents to share one campsite. So everyone splits a $16 - $20 per night fee. Haven’t chosen the actual camping area yet, so I don’t have the details.

The first weekend in June (June 3, 4, 5) is good for me. But I could make the 2nd weekend (June 10, 11, 12) work if that’ll be better for Bill’s club. (Bill, did you ever settle on a name? I can’t remember my suggestion, but I remember it had something to do with “murmur”)


Club name and final club organization is still pending. lots of boring details to work through.


Just chatted with Memphis Mud and the first weekend in June works best for us. Can we mark it in the calendar? Bill Ham and others, can you make it then?

hey just a quick question how old are all of you guys… i always go on a small little outisng with my grandparents for a few days somewhere not very far in the summer so i could suggest this at this time and it would be really cool… but i would probabaly have to stay with them… but still being able to go uni with you guys would be really fun…


The crew coming from Memphis, I expect, ranges from 13 (I’m expecting 3 - 4 young-to-middle teens) to about 51 Perhaps (4 or 5 adult types - 30+ years old).


Some of us are probably old enough to be your grandparents. You should feel right at home. The group would welcome you.

First weekend in June works for me. It looks like my family may be coming along. My wife, a non-unicyclist likes the idea of having other activities in the area for an alternate activity during the MUni rides.

Don’t know about others from our uni club, but once date is chosen, I’ll start rallying the gang and see what we can do.

T Max, thanks for taking the initiative to get the ball rolling on this weekend. (And the others you have gotten in motion) Almost sure I won’t make it to Alabama, but I should be able to make an August or September FURECUS. Please avoid August 12-14 for FURECUS. I have a commitment that weekend.


score im gonna talk to my grandparents about it…



JUNE 3 (FRI), 4 (SAT), 5 (SUN)

Bill, Motivation absolutely selfish. While solo MUni is nice, its appeal can be short lived. I like my solo time. But, as you know, I need the likes of you and Brian and Tommy and Charles and Richard and Marquis and Yvonne and Eddie and etc., etc., etc. for maximum MUni enjoyment. Its so much fun riding with other MUniers, that some people are known to drive 10-16 hours just to participate! I’m happy to see that everyone’s schedule is melding nicely. For those of you (Unitik908) who haven’t ever done a mass-MUni ride, you’re in for the time of your life.

I’ll have my family with me too. And my popup. Wife, 2 girls: 10 and 14. Kids ride. At last year’s Montgomery Bell SP MUni Rendesvous, older daughter jogged the trail with 2 other runners. Did great. Offer open to all joggers. Wife doesn’t Uni. Good camper tho. She might also want to explore Louisville (antique malls…). We’ve got some time to research the area.

Keep in mind: In researching camping areas, a very high priority needs to be given to the aforementioned MB trails. I haven’t delved into that yet, but we should have no real problems.

Mud out…

Excellent - I was a little bummed that last fall’s FURECUS didn’t have any families present. Starting off strong with two families and 2 pop ups. I know lots of riders will be coming, any other families going to make it?

Looking forward to the weekend.


I emailed the local president and posted on the Louisville Mountain B*ke forum RE: State Parks that would be good for us. Otter Creek was the response.

Looks pretty good. Other activities inside the park include Canoeing, Rappelling, Astology,… lots of organized stuff. It is only a few minutes from the Fort Duffield and Cherokee trails. And the posters mention going there for rides too. One bit of sluething revealed that they go to certain trails if it had rained recently. Some trails have sandier soil which drains quickly. Nice to know.
Kentucky Mountain B*ke Association Forum
I haven’t yet spoken with Park personnel, but the site has a phone # for reservations. The have $80 a night, 2 BR cabins. Also a $600 group lodge. I can at this time only assume that they also take reservations for their campsites.
Otter Creek Park


I see that Otter Creek Park has a restriction for bikes… on the road only. I wonder if we should contact them in advance and see if we could get sites near an open area so we could set up some trials stuff. We could sell it to the park as a fun thing to watch for the campers and also assure them that unis are different in how fast they are ridden and that we won’t tear up the grass. Or whatever the reason for the restrictions.

Once a definite campground is chosen, if reservations can be done, we should select an area that will used by our group. For example… post that everyone should get a site on D24 through D32 or as close as possible, or as close as you want. Gotta be sensitive to the hermits types. :slight_smile: That way we know where to make the reservations and will have the best chance of getting a block for the group. I saw a pop up club do an event this way. They even posted on the forum what sites were reserved and by what person(s). It worked pretty nicely.

The other option is to reserve a cluster of sites and then transfer them over to others. Only downside here is that someone has to take the risk of paying for the sites in advance and then getting reimbursed for them. Anouncing the sites in advance is probably the best and simplest way to get everyone together.

A site that is on the perimeters of the campground might offer more options for trials riding. Road riding will be more of an option if we are off of the heavily travelled roads leading in, out, and through the center of the campground.

After a definite area is chosen, both campground and specific sites for the campground, I am ready to reserve my site. If Otter Creek is the final campground choice, people should note the regulations, 1 tent per site and only 2 cars per site.

Otter Creek Park looks good to me. Since I have the pop up, I prefer a site with electric. Even in a tent, I preferred electric sites. It’s a nice option to have electricity.

Any area can work, but these are a few things I’ve learned from camping in parks that can make it more enjoyable. No matter what, we WILL HAVE FUN!


Good point Bill. I wish I’d been there before. I called a friend yesterday who has family up there for some insight. No response yet. There is a camping forum I also want to contact. They may know some tips. I’ll call the ranger to see how crowded he/she expects it to be on our weekend and about the reservations. (Heck, they might have some Squaredancing convention that weekend). I think we would want several sites right together, but in my mind, I’m seeing a layout similar to Cumberland Mtn SP. Plenty of space. If they’re tight, maybe two on the other side of the road. Or in an elbow, backing up to each other.

My camping in Ky has been ltd to Land Between the Lakes (which we like) and Mammouth Cave SP (which we hated).

Here is a link to the Otter Creek Trail Map that I got off the Ky Mountain B*ke site. There are regular mentions by those riders of riding at Otter Creek. But I was actually attracted to the area because of the Fort Duffield and Cherokee trail reviews. They also talk a lot about one called Waverly. All are relatively nearby. As is the city of Louisville. (For non riders).

Making assumptions, I don’t riding will be an issue.

  1. The local Club MB goes there often. That map is from their website.
  2. Every Park Ranger I’ve ever unied near only smiled and stopped to talk and/or gawk. We’re still pretty odd (goofy). We’re harmless. We do have to keep out youths in check. But then so do the muggles.

I’m very concerned with that one tent rule you mention. That could be trouble. I was hoping we could put a popup and a tent or 2 tents. The two car rule might dictate. The locals said there might be a KOA campground across the river in Indiana. In our experience, we’ve always had the best luck at State Parks.

I’ll post on the KY MB forum these concerns and see if I get a response. (They’re not into their forum to the degree Unicyclers are). Also, I’ll call Otter Creek and speak with a human today.