Louisville Extreme Park

Has anyone been before? I’m probably going today, it seems like it would be fun to do some street riding. Also the other question I had is are there any other unicyclists other than me around the Louisville area? There’s pics of the park at http://www.louisvilleextremepark.org/

i’ve been skaiting there and let me tell you, it’s amazing.
For free wheeling mediums that is.
I don’t really know how well a uni would fair because most of the rampery is in the 8+ foot range with vert…


Under rules:

  • Only skateboards, in-line skates and bicycles allowed in fenced skate areas.

I would contact them first, before going.

Well, for riding I meant like around this part http://www.louisvilleextremepark.org/images/parkphoto9_large.jpg

And I’m sure unicycles would be allowed

i would ask first.

Id just go. If you get kicked out, oh well, at least you go to ride there a little bit.

I just got back, I didn’t get kicked out or anything (nor did I wear a helmet), it was pretty nice, I enjoyed riding around there. Of course everyone was watching though…

Way to go for it! If two wheelers can go; why not one wheelers? As long as your safe and/or know what you’re doing because the people there don’t know what to expect.

I was there 4+ years ago. It was before I started riding unicycles. I started skate boarding two years prior.
My sister is a hillbilly and lives near there(1 hour). I got to visit the park couple times and really liked it. Open 24 hours still?

here’s me in the 24 foot pipe. Only picture I have of the trip.


I live in Louisville and I’ve unicycled there before. There’s no one there to enforce any rules, so there’s nothing to worry about. Do you live in Louisville or are you just visiting? Feel free to contact me.

I’m in Louisville also, always wanted to go the park but then i got bit by the muni bug. Contact me as well if you go again.

Joseppi, I think i rode with one of your friends from Purdue, CT? Do you ride much in the Ville these days?

Whoa, you’ve ridden with CT? He’s the one that really started me on unicycling. Sadly, he’s sort of fallen off the unicycle wagon. I haven’t been riding so much in Louisville by unicycle, though I do still bike a lot. I’m sort of getting back into unicycling after a sabbatical. You go to Purdue, or what?

I go to U of L actually, but I was doing a co-op in Bloomington last fall. CT saw my location on here and messaged saying he and another guy were coming to bloomington and wanted to ride, so we met up on IU’s campus and rode trials; IU was a blast to ride. He also mentioned one of the Purdue riders was from Louisville.

I do a good amount of biking too. A friend or two and I are going for a ride on Tuesday, message me if you’re interested.

Oh yeah. There were three of us at Purdue. I wasn’t able to make that trip; I remember when that happened.

I say we all meet up there sometime

That park looks amazingly fun. Who the heck would vandalize the bathrooms at a skatepark?