lots of stairs?

is there some ‘extra’ technique used in descending lots of stairs? Like ten or more? I can do around 6 perfectly, but when I try a set that has around 14, the uni always slips out from under me.


Eventualy, the number of steps wont mater- you’ll get in your groove. I started by riding steps in segments; I’d ride a couple, pause slightly mid flight and attempt to compose myself, ride a couple more. This was because of bad technique- I would start to loose the cycle.

Could you give a more detailed description of what happens when you ‘slip’ off? Do you fall forward, side or back? Does it feel like you have been pitched or bounced off the cycle?

It’s important to:

  1. Be centered (relative to the cycle) when you begin the decent. Most of my failed decents happen because I started from a bad posture.
  2. Be over the axle (don’t lean back)
  3. Maintain a firm link with the sadle arm. This will aid in controlling the cycle and act to dampen bouncing.
  4. Put a moderate amount of weight on the sadle.
  5. Ride at a deliberate pace- don’t try to stop or ride slow.
  6. Keep your legs flexed all the way down. My legs are flexed all the way through the stroke, allowing them to act as shock absorbers at all times. If you attempt to only engage them on the down stroke or when the wheel hits the next step, you will loose controll of the wheel and begin to bounce.

A fat tyre helps a great deal.
At least, that’s my experience in a vacume. Anybody else?