Lots of NAUCC and UNICON photos are now available for viewing!

Hi all,

I finally finished Photoshopping and uploading all my chosen pictures from
NAUCC and UNICON 11. I didn’t leave too many out, in case people see
something they like and want to order prints, so there are a lot of them!
You can link to them all from here:


A note about Ofoto:
Nowadays, those links point you to a page aimed at ordering the pictures. If
you haven’t visited Ofoto before, it asks you to “sign up.” There is no
obligation, and you get to order some free prints if you want. I’m working
on finding a way around this hassle without entering people in under my own
account. Sorry about the inconvenience. I do not get a commission or any
type of compensation from Ofoto, I just like their product.

I own the copyright on all my images. One of the reasons I use Ofoto is
because they don’t show high resolution versions of the images. You can
order real nice prints right from the site, in sizes up to 20 x 30 in some

If you would like copies of the digital images for your own use, contact me
with the album name and picture number, and I can send them to you. Don’t be
fooled by the small Ofoto images, my camera shoots 2240 x 1680 pixel images.
Many have been cropped though. After editing, the average file size is

John Foss
the Uni-Cyclone

“Is that perspiration dripping out of your helmet?”
“No, it’s Chanel No. 5.” – Exchange between Michelle and Jeff Sloan after
the cross country race at the 2002 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend in
Santa Cruz

naucc and unicon videos

We’re having trouble downloading. Keep getting message " cannot play back the videostream no suitable decompressor found" Does anyone know what we’re doing wrong? Thanks

Re: naucc and unicon videos

Did you post this as a reply in the wrong thread? I think you might be talking about the videos posted by Michael Grant. Those videos are posted in DivX format and you’ll need to download the codec from divx.com to be able to play them. You’re not having a problem downloading them, just playing them.