lot's o wildlife

Every uni (MUni or Coker) ride I go on these days, I am treated to wildlife. They are feeling the need to feed, as fall is fast approaching here in the high country. The bears are everywhere, and hungry. Our screens on our windows have been ripped up the last two nights from them. I just ran into another one on the trail today, they don’t wait until dark anymore. It is also common to see the deer everywhere. Racoons, skunks, and fox are seen daily as well. The snow level was down to 9500’ last night, and the leaves have been changing for a couple of weeks now. Fall, my favorite time to Uni in Colorado is right around the corner. Here’s a pic of a Buck mule deer I ran into the other day on one of my Coker rides. Cheers.

great shot, mike!

I remember seeing a buck mule too on one of my rides going down snowmass mountain. Looked just like the one in the photo


Grant, It was really great MUni’ing w/you, we had some fun, eh? We will do it again next summer.

I can’t help but wonder–what do wild animals think whenever they see anyone on a unicycle?

I wonder if they find it strange, as some humans do.

Is a wild deer or bear tempted to make some joke about “where is your other wheel” or something like that?

Now that I think about it, can Muni-Hunting be far in the future? (I say this as someone who has no opinion on the subject of hunting, never did it, so I don’t know what it’s about, so I won’t criticize nor praise it.)

That would be an incredible sight–hunters with rifles or pistols, hunting in the forest while riding Hunter mUnicycles! They are only allowed to shoot WHILE riding.

Or, on the other hand, imagine what it must be like to be on a mUnicycle safari on the African savahanna–but you accidently drop your gun and you find yourself pedaling furiously, a charging rhino right behind you! Not a good time for a UPD!

I’m really just kidding around. I’m not good enough a unicyclist to go on any big countryside rides yet, but just the idea of encountering wildlife while riding is truly awesome!

Great shot of the mule deer!


While riding in Santa Teresa park in San Jose yesterday, I saw a Coyote. It was the first one I’ve ever seen. Surprisingly, I saw it before it saw me. I didn’t want to get too close and spook it, so I started whistling. Once it saw me, it bolted. In hindsight, the better move would have been to grab the Digicam in my Camelbak, but it’s too late for that now. The funny thing is that I was riding on the Coyote Peak trail at the time. :smiley:

On other rides, I have spotted a few deer and some birds of prey.

When I was in Hawaii, all I got to see were mongooses, toads, bugs, and the occasional whale.


I know for a fact that many dogs hate unicyclists, while they don’t mind bikes. A friend of mine was chased by a big dog on his 29er until he jumped off and climbed a tree, and waited there for ten minutes until someone called the cops.

Re: lot’s o wildlife

On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 23:19:51 -0600, “James_Potter” wrote:

>I know for a fact that many dogs hate unicyclists

I was once bitten by a German Shepherd (dog, not human) while
unicycling. It came running from afar, ran along with me for a bit,
barked, bit me (not hard) and then I scared it away.

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I figure it’s pretty clear that offroad unicycling is a stupid thing to do - joemarshall

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Thats hilarious! :smiley:

Thanks a lot for the pics, mike. I always enjoy them!

Theres lots o deer were i live,and elk to(but i dont see them while on my uni).Wev’e had coyotes coming through are front yard before,and they come out in the feilds to eat mice.
I saw a mountain lion once,while camping(I was about 3 feet away from my uni,does that count?)

my family hunts,my dad shot a mule deer buck last week.

This is funny timing,earlier today i was riding past a Buffalo heard about a mile and a half away from my house.(but,they are kinda domestic).We somtimes take pictures of them to show people,I wanted to get a picture of me and the Buffalo,but i was by myself.

Hehe,anyone else have Buffalo were they live?
theres actually another heard about 6 miles away,in the other direction.

There are lots of deer on the UCSC campus, but someone must be feeding them 'ludes because they just sit and watch me pedal by.

I’m always chased by dogs on my muni but never on my bicycle. I don’t understand what difference they perceive as so threatening as to growl, bark and snap at me! Aggh!

Stupid dogs. Go chase a parked car.