Lost KH bolt

Me and my mate were doin some trials riding in town today and after an hour or 2 I went to try doing this skinnie, risking a swim in the sea if anything went wrong but just before I got going I noticed that I was missing the bolt that holds my left crank on! Not the pinch nut but the big meaty one in the middle.

We retraced where we’d been to no avail so I went back to the car and swapped my KH for my poxy 20" for the rest of the day (and nailed the skinnie without needing to swim).

On the way back to the car my mate spotted the bolt which was a bit of a small miricle, it was really strange that this happened though because I’d tightened everything before the ride and the bolt had dropped out very early on in the ride. How can I stop this happening again? I’ve heard loctite mentioned but isn’t that only for when you don’t ever want to undo it again?


&, has anyone else had one of these bolts drop out on them?

I think I once heard Blue Loctite to tighten it and stop it from vibrating loose, Red Loctite so it will never come off again for the life of the unicycle, Green Loctite so it will never come off again in your life! I might have the green and the red in the wrong position, but I think it’s right.

So you’re most likely gonna want to use Blue Loctite, just so it won’t come loose from vibration, you’ll still be able to get it undone.

A local rider lost one of those bolts.

When he replaced it, it would rapidly become loose again. He put loctite (red) on it, let it set overnite, and it has now stayed put ever since.

The red loctite is called “permanent”, but it is not permanent, it can be taken off with a wrench with only little more difficultly than a just freshly tighted bolt.

but it will never come off until you decided it is time for it to come off, it’s great stuff!

Red loctite is #272 (all Loctite bottles are red)

Blue loctite is good for very tiny bolts, like the tiny bolts that are part of something, like a bike’s rear derailleur

Yep… What he said…

my whole crank comes off every 2 seconds i threw my unicycle at a tree. ohhh did i mention that my unicycle is a piece of crap…well it is.