Lost In The Zoo

Went riding today for the first time in ages. Much fun was had. Here’s a vid I put togeter. With riding by Sam and Myself. Nothing too astonishing.



ps. it looks much better in full resolution, im uploading to unicycle.tv as we speak.

Great riding as always luke. I liked the sexchange up and off that island thingy and the 180 up the 4 set. And the guy at the start, (sam?) had a nice style. He popped up on his tricks, and it looked awsome.

That was really good! loved what you did at 2:14!

Keep it up,


High Res Download

That was awesome!
Sick 4 set late 360!
I missed a 720 unispin… :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you do them?

Sweet as always :smiley: Cool music and GREAT riding! The fifthflip up and down the curb was awesome.

Great video, i really enjoyed watching it, you guys make everything look so easy.

do you really do the spins without the uni before doing with the uni ?

thats a really nice video guys, nice one. its always nice to watch one full screen to!

i like the tire grab body varial right into 540 that was sick!

good to have u riding again

that was awesome…yur soo smooth and make it all look so easy, great job.

the music was good but got old after a bit…but i still loved the vid:)

Yeah that was amazing. Good consistency with fifthflips. Great to have you back Luke, I missed your vids.

great vid luke. i really liked it.

Thankyou for the wonderful comments.

haha, no. that was just for fun.

Very nice.

Hey luke, what camera do you use? Your videos always have a very natural look to them… it’s nice.

Really liked the tire grab body variel to 540 and the CLEEEEAN inwardbig and hugespin, they look so good to seat in. and the sex change line. Nice.

I’m liking the element of free running.

I lol’ed at the ending.

I have to say…I love all the names of your movies. Very creative and make me laugh. Oh and the music is always really good too.:slight_smile:

your 5spins r illl…could you post a video of your hand motion slowed way down. i can do em but im not very consistant. like ur sex changes too.

that free running stuffs pretty cool to

man, you have your fifth flips pretty consistant. I guarantee, that if you learn a 7spin, you’ll probably be one of the first to land that with a crankflip… if you get 7s consistantly anyway. Great video, flawless riding from both of you. Don’t stop luke, you have lots going for you!