Lost Camera at Moab

If anyone found a camera Sunday on the last 1/2 of the Sovereign trail climb could you please let me know?

It’s a compact Sony DSC N1 in a blue camera case. Last seen where the drop to the left of the climb ends and discovered missing just before the end of the climb.

Not only would getting the camera back be great, but it also has a bunch of photos on it.


I lost my jacket at the dinner. It’s red and grey with 2 ski tickets on it.


“Anyone have any news?” (He asks hopefully)

Sorry James, no news from me. But I did lose something on the Sovereign trail as well! I lost my magura red knob on Sunday’s ride… anyone pick it up?



I lost my sanity and pride the first day there(Brock knows what im talkign about), did any of you guys find that as well? Ohh and how many pics did you have on it?

It was my camera… it had about 100 video clips/photos from Porc Rim.
Looks like it wasn’t a unicyclist that picked it up… sigh