losing weight

I need to lose some weight on my street cycle. I have a KH fusion air saddle, a yuni frame, qu-ax wheelset with a maxxis creepy crawler, also a united seatpost. I don’t know how much this beast weighs, but it is too much.

hmm… cf saddle with cf handle… kh wheel set… monty tire… and a cf seat post

Also if people could tell me good placews to buy these things I would appreciate it. I have only been to Unicycle.com so far.

Do you live in the US?

put it on a diet…

I live in Wisconsin to be specific. Also I tried putting it on a diet, but it kept sneaking candy bars.

Those darn candy bars.

A rounded frame might reduce weight, also, and you don’t need those sticky uppy Yuni frame things for trails.

well… unicycle.com does have the cf base… www.bedfordunicycles.ca for a monty tire kh wheel sset you can get a unicycle.com or bedford… and for the cf handle and back bumper contact S.wallis in the forums

cut stuf off like extra length on the seat post

shorter cranks for street is better anyway.

Well you can try shorter crank cutting your seat post a lil…but I dont know what else…considereing your using a very light frame, and the saddle isnt really a heavy one ( I dont think) if it is then you can get a gel, I know they are small and light and still comfy…But other than that…get a smaller tire…
How tall are you and how much you wiegh?

Here’s a diet plan:

  • Nimbus II frame with a 25.4mm seatpost. The Yuni frame only fits a 22.2mm seatpost and the Thomson seatpost is only in sizes 25.4mm and up.
  • Thomson seatpost
  • Scott Wallis carbon fiber seat base that is designed to mount directly to the Thomson seatpost. That eliminates the need for the rail adapter which saves weight and removes a finger trap when holding the seat out front.

I don’t know how much the Scott Wallis seat base is. You can probably use your existing KH handle and rear bumper and Fusion seat cover.

I’d also go with a thin foam seat for street or trials. Air seats are bad for trials and street and freestyle because they are too squishy, whooshy, and wobbly. They don’t give you the control you get with a foam seat. Control for things like riding skinnies, wheel walking, gliding, etc. With an air seat you don’t get the direct connection to the unicycle that you get with a foam seat that allows you to better control the unicycle with your hips.

This combo saves weight by using a lighter (and stronger) seatpost, no rail adapter, and a lighter and stiffer and stronger carbon fiber seat base.

why don’t you just get stronger?

I don’t see how the thompson post goes straight onto the seat. Also I have another KH seat I could use, and my yuni frame is a 25.4 (go figure).

strength is good, but technique is better. the questions that koebwil should answer are, why don’t you just improve your technique? and what difference do you expect to see with a uni that’s only 2-3 lbs lighter? i’d be curious how a lighter uni impacts one’s riding versus just practicing more and improving their technique…

go to http://www.wallisdesign.com/HANDLEpics.html and scroll down for a picture.

Well if oyu get stronger the uni wont see as heavy…

Jason’s right.

My muni was being abused, so it started taking some medication. The problem was, it didn’t eat before taking the meds, so it gained wicked much weight (specifically about 1-2lbs). However, even when riding trials, I didn’t notice the extra weight, and was glad for it, being as it manifested its self in the form of a brake. Seriously, my muni weighs almost 17lbs and I still do 30-32" hops on it. That’s only 4-5" less than I do on an ~11-12lb trials uni. So, I ask, why does weight make such a difference?

The amount of time you’ll spend earning the money for those upgrades will not offset the improvements they’ll bring. Just spend that time riding, and you’ll improve to where the weight doesn’t matter.

weight matters

I ride about 1.5-2 hours a day. I only want to reduce the weight of my uni as a supplement to my normal practicing. If I just stopped practicing altogether and reduced the weight of my uni it would do nothing.

Sorry for resurecting this thread, but I have a question.

I have the splined qu-ax trials and I was wondering what makes this unicycle so heavy? I’d like to make it lighter by maybe upgrading it with a different frame or whatever.

Thanks for any help,

The frame is a very heavy part of that unicycle. You could upgrade to yuni or KH05 frame to take off some weight.