Los Angeles Unicycle Roundup - The brandings over

The very first LA roundup was a great experience. The weather was California Outstanding. We had sunny skies with temps in the high 70’s with a gentle breeze. Riders came from all over southern California. We had riders from as far north as Santa Barbara to as far south as La Mesa and many had never met each other before.

One thing about unicyclists, is that they are a friendly lot. I was so amazed at how everyone just walked up to our table and just started talking to one another. Within 20 minutes of the start timg, people were smiling and chatting and really having a good time. You would have never known that they didn’t know each other until that time.

We had a nice mix of riders in both age and unicycles. The thirteen year-olds, Evan Byrne and Spencer exhibited their talents on the b.c. wheels and trials unis. Alex Bolewski from Santa Clarita found out that Spencer lives only two blocks away. Bruce Baker, David Ross, and Peter from Irvine, represented the Coker Crew. Jonathan Kelley was our oldest rider, but don’t tell him that. He had to hop a fence with Michael Carrington, after getting horribly lost on the group ride. They entered the model aircraft field and were buzzed by the helicopters. Later, they got lost on the golf course and were yelled at. Finally, after looking for a way out, hopped a chain-link fence and returned an hour later. Both had smiles and a great story to tell.

Everyone shared their uni histories and traded unicycles. Ray Ferro got attached to my trials uni and my pads and was initiated into trialsdom by having his shin tenderized by the pedals. He likes my 661’s now… I brought along my home trials set up and some skinnies to play on. That gave onlookers something to see and a fun place to ride. There was also the concrete picnic table I was going to use for food, until Evan decided to use it as a trials obstacle. Oh yeah, I forgot – those are great fun in themselves.

Once our ride got going, I bet it was a sight to see. How often do you see one unicyclist as opposed to 19 in a group. The lack of wind and low temps made the ride nice, even though my rear end complained. I had planned to stop as a group, but we got spread out and no one stopped to rest, so we forged on.

After the ride, the Muni guys, Eyal Aharoni, John Long, Rick, Jake Sprague, and others played around on the man-made rocks, nearby. I spent most of my time just talking with folks and playing the host, so I may have missed some other things that were going on.

Near the end, we got to see Spencer and Evan ride their b.c. wheels down the grassy knoll and jump a car ramp. Now, that is amazing. Pictures are available in the gallery at http://gallery.unicyclist.com/Los-Angeles-Unicycle-Roundup

I was glad to get so many thank-you’s for setting it up. It was a lot of work, but now I have built from nothing, a list of 34 riders. As a result, I have put together a website at http://www.freewebs.com/unicycleroundup/ that will eventually have an email list of all the riders and their locations, so others can connect up. That will go up next week or so. If I can get the redirection working, the website domain name is UnicycleRoundupLa.com

Many thanks to Mike Sode for helping to organize and be my right-hand man during the event and for also providing the snacks. John Long, Al Karel both brought drinks. Jake Sprague helped with set-up. Cody helped with the take- down. Thanks fellas for all the help!!

I am already looking forward to the next one!

If anyone has any other impressions, please share.

Evan usin the concrete table for trials…i just dont remember that…I tried to get Evan to hop up it but he said it was too high, I only really recal my and Jake relaly hoppin up the tables…And i think i was liek the only one on that ride on a 20in :slight_smile: at least in tha pics, but im not in there very much, i kinda avoid cameras … but that park was so fun and hte rocks…hella tight!

Thank’s Rod for putting on that Fandango. Eyal, Ricky and I did a 3 hour Muni ride before the meet started and by the time we got on the street ride I was beat–and we kept riding for another 6 hours. I slept for 11 hours on Sat. night.

It was fun watching the kids ride that BC wheel. Gotta get me one. Cody talks faster than any human bing alive. He must have some special chip in his brain to process language so fast. Really a fun, diverse groupe.


A huuuge thanks to Rod for pulling off a fantastic LA uni fest.! As he mentioned, a surprising number of people showed up of all ages. And I too was surprised how everyone got along as if they’d already known each other. I hope we’ll see another one of these LA rides soon.

Also, nice pictures, Rod. I’m amazed by those younger guys who showed the rest of us up on the impossible wheels. It’s one thing to ride an impossible wheel… It’s quite another thing to take it sailing through the air over obstacles and land back on it. But I was especially impressed with your impeccable timing on on photo 1491. Somehow you managed to snap a pic fast enough that it actually looks like I was riding the thing, when in fact, it was merely my 1-second transition from mounting to falling.

Well, I can’t wait to visit the park again to practice on those manmade rocks. Jake, Cody and others remind me that I need to work on my forward hops. In fact, we were having so much fun on those that I failed to meet as many people as I’d hoped. Well, with Rod around, hopefully we’ll get to finish our introductions at the next roundup.

Re: Los Angeles Unicycle Roundup - The brandings over

That was alot of fun:D

Im actually 14 :slight_smile: that was the day after I put long BC plates on my bc and Im still trying to figure them out, hopping is alot harder because they are really heavy, with my old short plates i would have cleared it easily.
It was cool to see the muni guys rolling up the rocks then evan tried it and he ran right in to it.
At the very end i tried to jump in to stand up ww and i fell on my head so now my mom wont let me uni at all for a week :angry:

Looks like you beat me to it by a few seconds, John. I’ll add to your comment about our day. Yes, we did do a muni before the lake festival, but we also met up again afterwards and practiced our stair launching for a while. John flaunted a 40 inch drop, which I wouldn’t do, and I topped off at a 5 stair forward launch. Not bad for the end of a full day of unicycling.

I’ll also agree with JL about Cody’s brain chip. It’s gotta be at least a Pentium 4 :slight_smile:

With Hyper threading…jk, Well at least Im remebered for somthing other than my skills(jk agian). But yeah that was some fun riding, Id have to agree with Eyal I ended up ridin more on tha cool stuff than meetin the other unicyclists, But i didnt spend as much time on that lil trial obstacle, it was kinda easy cept that skinny down, I made it down a few times, and had a nice fall on my rear on it once. I still find it funny how Techndad says Evan turned the tables into trials obstacles…So, whens the next one:D

Edit: Ohh I type pretty fast too…maybe thats why I graduated over 2 years early…:wink:

thank Rod!

Thanks Rod for this event!
It’s been a year since I have seen another uni rider.
Wow, those little dudes doing trials were amazing…they are fearless!
Next time I need to leave little early, the traffic from OC to the valley sucked! Got stuck in 1 1/2 hour traffic driving back :angry:
Hey Rod please bring those fat-tire uni again next time, maybe I’ll have enough courage to do some trials! :smiley:

You means theres actually kids that uni in cali? sweet, another reason to hate the East Coast :). How do you guys hop on a bc, do you like clasp the uni between your feet?


The plates are “L” shaped and there is a bolt attaching it to the axle so you squeeze your feet under the bolts and hop.

Thanks also to Jake for reminding me to put in the time to get seat out hopping and dropping totally wired on a 24 Muni, which I find much harder than on a 20. I’ve always found some excuse not to practice this skill–possibly a very vauluable thing to know on hard Muni rides. Jake was busting out 30 inch hops and big rolling hops with a busted seat and an absolute piece of crap 24 Muni. You’re the man, Jake.


Ha ha, in one o the pics jake is on my uni jumpin up the table, then i did it on his…no pic for that though, if soemone was picin someone else i would avoid that obtacle or whatnot til there finished with the camera and that person…

see the only time im really in there is when im in the backround…

c what i mean

Maybe next time i wont avoid the cameras as much, it suked when i was at a city like parade type of thing, i was riding around town, and some people snuk a shot of me and my friend and put us on hte front page…

ohh yeah, and i finally ofund out how much trials tires really help, tehy make hops so much easier!

Anyone want to go on a distance ride this weekend. I am thinking of riding the beach bike path from Marina Del Ray to Will Roger’s Beach and back, probably about 17 miles round trip.

Anyone up for it?

Thanks Rod for putting together the uni roundup, it was altogether an awesome experience for me. The location was perfect and it was refreshing being around so many riders. I have a habit of letting my uni do most of the talking, I should have done more chatting. Fortunately for me and everyone else, there’s an automatic acceptance and a real chill vibe among unicyclers created by the love of the sport regardless of knowing/not knowing each other. Our sport seems to bring together the nicest people; it’s amazing what one wheel can do. I look forward to the next uni meet u put together.

John- glad my riding could give you more reason to practice seat-out. It took me forever to finally commit to practicing the skill to where I could use it effectively just because seat in is so much more comfortable to me. Seat-out is definately worth learning.
I’ve been riding that piece of crap 26" muni for more than 3 years now so I’m pretty comfortable with it haha.

I’ll post the pix I took at the park, Thanks again for the great time!


Thanks everyone for all the positive comments. It really helps! It makes all the work worthwhile. No dates as of yet for the next one. I need to decompress from school after it ends this week… finally. Then I will have a clear head and I can get the email list up on a website.

I ended up getting caught up in spending so much time greeting everyone, I started taking pictures late. So, I missed some people. Cody was one of them. I remember seeing him up on the picnic table and wanting to take the shot as he came down, but the shutter went off late. As I took my pictures, I would get distracted for some reason or another and the camara would end up back in the case. I didn’t take as many pictures as I had originally wanted. I need to send out a reminder email to everyone requesting photos. - thanks Cody for the reminder.

Jake, check your yahoo email regarding permission to the gallery.

Cheers to all!

No probs, That table was pretty easy to crank grab, i tried to hop up it in one go one tiem, but i came like 5 in short, it got to get hard to do it toward the end of hte day, i could barely 360 unispin! I know there were a lot of cameras, and some were taking clips so i know there is a lot more…

Edit: Ohh and i finally got to try a trials uni, compared to my tire that i had high pressure that day…WOW, i was able to juimp up that lil trials tabel with a seat in side hop, i had to do it seat out and or a roll hop on mine!

You can now go bac kto the gallery cause there are now more pics in there thanks to Jake…