Los Angeles Unicycle Roundup June 3, 2006

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to say the date for the Greater Los Angeles Unicycle Roundup is on Saturday, June 3, 2006. This will be our second one. We will meet at the same location as last year – Lake Balboa in the Sepulveda Basin. I plan on using the same meeting area, near the children’s play area as last year.

This year, the unicycle ride will be a half mile shorter and it will keep us off noisy Victory Boulevard and within the park boundaries.

Specific meeting time and daily schedule, and directions to follow.

If anyone has any suggestions about improving the event, let me know.

As before, we meet to gather and meet one another, then take a group picture and then mosey onward to our group ride. Afterwards, we have lunch. BYOL ( Bring Your Own Lunch):slight_smile:

I may not bring my tables and beams to play on for those interested, but the man made rock formations circling the children’s play area offer some fun lines to ride.

For those of you who last time found the skate board park a mile away after the ride, I need to check and see if it is still there. The last time I went by there a few months ago, they had torn it down, but I think they did that so they can build a bigger and better one! I will have to see if it’s completed. Those of you interested, let me know and I will check.

Please let me know if you are coming, so I have an idea how many to expect.

I look forward to seeing everyone again!

If you are not on my email list and would like to be added, post hear or contact me at teachndad (att) aol (dott) com.

Information will also be available on http://UnicycleRoundupLA.com As of this posting, I still need to update the site, but for new riders, the old information will still be helpful.


Rod Wylie

This year we are adding a Mountain Unicycling ride earlier in the morning in the Chatsworth area of the San Fernando Valley. In addition, we are also planning on setting up a natural trials competition in the afternoon.

As the details are confirmed, I will post updates at http://UnicycleRoundupLA.com.

Here is the tentative schedule:

8:00 - 11:00 Mountain Unicycling (MUni) ride at Hummingbird Trail near Chatsworth.

10:30 - 12:00 Gathering - Meet and Greet

11:50 Group Picture

12:00 - 12:30 Group ride around the park

12:30 - Whenever - lunch and relaxation - the afternoon is open.

2:00 - 3:00 Unicycle trials competition on man-made rock formations

3:00 Event ends


John Long, Josh Schoolcraft, and Eyal Aharoni will be leading the MUni ride down Hummingbird trail.


Cool, I will be there:)

Please tell me how to get there…Specific directions if possible, from the Torrance area. Thanks!:slight_smile:

Ohh cool, directions would definatly be nice for the trail. It seems we went from lil gathering to a full uni event with the offraoding in the moarnign and the trials in the afternoon, Maybe it will eventually be as big as CMW…Ohh what kind of trail is it, I mean, is it a hike up and ride down and hopefully tech?

You can pretty well bet that the hummingbird trail will be QUITE technical (if not ALL Rocky!) if the guys from SB club are involved! Of course, I could be totally wrong!

Of the three trails we frequent in the Simi area, (Devil’s Slide, GSpot and Hummingbird), Hummingbird is the least technical. It still has enough “bumps” to make things interesting, however. Also, like Moab terrain, there are plenty of opportunities next to the trail to play around. The trail itself is almost 100% downhill and about 3 miles in length.

Directions to trail area.

We meet in the small parking area across the bridge just off the Rocky Peak exit on the 118 West and plan the shuttling and short hike to the trailhead from there.

I have no pictures of Hummingbird trail, but the terrain on GSpot/Devil’s Slide is quite similar to Hummingbird and can be seen in my gallery. Hummingbird tends to go around the boulders and cliffs instead of over and down them.

Also, if it is sunny, it will be hot and dry on the trail as there is absolutely no cover. Bring sunblock and water.

even though i suck, i think ill go. i may be the worse one there but im still going.

Don’t worry about that, I am probably about your skill level, so you’ll have company! See ya there!:smiley:

how long or hard is this ride, cause i only have a 20 inch.

Hi Everyone,

I need to clarify. There are two rides for the event. One is the Muni ride and one is the Park ride. The Muni ride is much as Josh (Entropy) described. This is a shuttle. There is also a Park ride that is very simple and easy. It is @1 mile in length with half on paved bike path. The other half of the park ride is on a hard pack trail that resembles a fire road. It’s in pretty good shape. Anyone who can ride on a sidewalk can ride the 2nd half without any difficulty. You can do the ride on a 20". The group moves slowly and it spreads out.

If there is any concern about ability level, don’t worry. You will be fine. We have all been there. Everyone is welcome on both rides regardless of ability

Here are some more details regarding the MUni ride. This will also go out in an email later this week.

Beginning in the early morning of June 3, we are adding a Mountain Unicycle or Muni ride. This ride–one of the more popular downhill mountain bike trails in Southern California–has something for both veterans and anyone interested in getting a taste of MUni. Even if you don’t ride Muni, you can still come along. Bring your unicycle and try riding the trail. There are long sections of moderate and intermediate terrain, and you can easily walk the harder, technical sections (Hummingbird is one of the most popular hiking trails in the area). There are several rock gardens and steep, rocky bits for experts to session on. If you want to see MUni up close and personal and see how fun it is, then come on down. Estimated time on the trail is @2 hours.

The Muni group will be lead by John Long, Josh Schoolcraft, and Eyal Aharoni of the Santa Barbara Muni Club. They will ride the Hummingbird Trail just above Chatsworth just off the 118. This is a shuttle ride. Riders will meet at the location described above in Entropy’s post, and then gather up into small groups and shuttle in a few vehicles up to the trailhead where the trail begins. Then, everyone rides down.

Meeting place:

Time: 8:00 am

Afterwards, the shuttle drivers will drive back up to the trailhead in one vehicle and return with the shuttles. The main group will continue to Lake Balboa for the unicycle roundup group park ride.

Directions to Lake Balboa are on the website http://UnicycleRoundupLA.com on the Directions and Lake Map page.


This is just a bump. Maybe someone new will see this thread who lives in the greater LA area, that hasn’t seen it before.

BTW, the park ride is a little over two miles, not one mile as described earlier in the thread.

Also, riders for the MUni ride are asked to be there as close to 8:00 as possible. This way, the dreaded heat can be avoided. John doesn’t want to start any later than 8:30.


Hi all–

Hans and I rode Hummingbird again this afternoon and it really is an outstanding trail, mostly intermediate but with a lot of long rocky rolling sections and a few tech bits to fiddle on for those who want to bust out a few moves. If you can ride at any kind of level, you’ll likely be able to ride a whole lot if not all of this trail. G-Spot it ain’t, but it’s good fun and a good pump with decent (4 miles or so) length.


For the Muni trail, is the shuttle to the top where we dont have to hike up anymore, or is it to the base of the trail and we have to hike up 4 mi like we did at CMW. Ohh and is it Tech at all? I hope so…

The LA Roundup morning muni ride is a shuttle. Go back a few posts and read Entropy’s description how to get there and where we are meeting. We will shuttle cars down to the bottom and then return to the top to start. There’s a .6 mile hike up a fire road then it’s all bombing downhill. There’s plenty of tech stuff to fiddle on in various places, with some long rolling sections that are good practice and can’t be thieved past via trials techniques. You gotta ride them, or not.


The following was emailed to everyone on the email list already.

Hi Everyone,

Just a few days to go to the Uni Roundup. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and bringing everyone together!

I want to caution everyone that it will be very hot in the Valley with temps near 100 degrees.
I really really emphacize taking care of yourself. Make sure you remain hydrated, especially during the park ride. About two thirds of it is exposed to the sun. It should last about 30 minutes. Make sure you bring some water along for the ride and put on some sunscreen before hand. BTW, helmets are recommended.

I will bring a cooler with two cases of bottle water to help out with the hydration, but over the days activities, that may run out. If anyone wants to bring extra water, by all means do.
There are water fountains nearby as well as bathrooms.

The trials riders will have to really watch their own stamina in the heat and watch the exertion. If you feel yourself feeling sluggish or weakened, then take a rest. A helmet for the trials competition is highly HIGHLY recommended! Trials riders must use good judgement and caution when riding around some of the trials lines. They come close to where small children may be playing.

I need help setting up the trials lines. I have spoken with a few of you via email. You will need to meet with me about 30 minutes prior to the start of the trials competition - thats about 1:30 pm. I will have tape and sharpies to mark the in and out of the sections. We may also use chalk.

I will try to get a table under some trees by getting there early in the morning. But, I am sure other people at the park have the same idea. If it’s a problem I will dazzle them with some uni skills and I am sure that will get them to move to another site. (well maybe).

Look for the UNI Roundup sign mounted on my white 96 Honda Minivan that should be parked near the childrens play area. A large green awning will also indicate where we are gathering. I will have a sign hanging from that as well. The lake map at
http://unicycleroundupla.com shows where we will gather.

I will be there wearing an olive drab baseball hat that says “Dads Hat” on the front in green letters.

Take care and see everyone soon.

Rod Wylie

For anyone wanting to share their experiences after the Roundup, please start a new thread. That way we can get more exposure.:slight_smile:

Then, we can all add to that thread.



I will be there.

Rod, whats this about a skate park?

A city run skate park is/was located about two miles away last year. When I went by there about two months ago, it was all torn up, but it looked like they were making it bigger. I haven’t been by there since, so I don’t know how it is progressing.

Even if it’s finished, I don’t know about unicyles getting in there.

A few of the riders went over to the skatepark last year after the Roundup to skateboard.