Los Angeles - Talent Call for TV game show

I am puting this out there for anyone in the Los Angeles area who thinks they might be able to “sell” a unicycling skill to the person who is recruiting performers for his show. Anything is worth a try.:slight_smile:

Below is the text of the email

"I’m a producer on a new game show for ABC called “Wanna Bet.” The show features performers attempting unique challenges while a celebrity panel “bets” whether or not the performer will succeed. The winning celebrity has all their money donated to the charity of their choice. Each performer is paid a $1000 honorarium for their appearance whether or not they succeed.

I contacted you because a number of the challenges we have require the
kind of unique skill set I thought a juggler might be able to tackle.

  1. Balance 20 tennis balls on 1 hand.

  2. Stacking 75 chairs in 2 minutes

  3. Catching a ping pong ball in their mouth a 100 times in 2 minutes

I know these are kind of the off the wall, but that is what we are looking for.

ADDITIONALLY, if any of your contacts have any talents that they think
might be right for the show then PLEASE have them call or email me. We
are looking for performers that can do stuff that we have not seen on
tv and are not your garden variety of stunts. The more creative the
better. Thanks again for passing this along."

Chris Fennimore
Wanna Bet
cjfenn (att) yahoo (dottt) com
818-508-7706 ext. 230

Wow, that ping-pong ball one is childs play for some people.
I’m pretty sure that 20 tennis balls is impossible too.

do you have to be an american citizen?