Los Angeles riders?

I’m wondering if there are any LA area riders who have some rides coming up or who might want to arrange something for a visitor.

I just moved to California and I’m temporarily living around Santa Cruz. I need to spend a little time in LA soon to check out the housing and job market situations. The job opportunities in my area are much more plentiful in LA and I need to spend some time there to figure out where the good places to live are.

If anybody wants to do some riding in the area - Coker, Muni, etc…, I’d love to meet some people. Plus, doing some riding would be a great way of seeing the area, I think.

Tell me when you’re coming down. We usually ride every evening–Santa Barbara on the weekends. I live in Venice.


Thanks…is there an email address I can reach you at?

Check your PMs.

I live in Los Angeles, and I try to go for a 15-20 mile Coker ride every weekend. But I am currently waiting for my knee scrapes to heal so I can put some knee pads over them.

I’ll pm you my email address.

Saw your old post. Do you still ride are you familiar with any riders or clubs in the area. Starting a meet up for Fullerton Uni this Sunday at 9:30am meet at Fullerton Court Parking Lot.
Thank You

Hello saw your old post, looking for riders in the area. Do you still ride? Do you know any clubs or organizations in the area for unicyclers? I am trying to get a Meet Up for this Sunday together leaving the Fullerton Court @ 10:00 am meet in Fullerton Court parking lot @ 9:30 am

Thank you;

If you could change your start time to 8am, I’d join you. Rolling at 10am is simply too late for me.

I can’t do a full Loop just because I am out of shape but I could start with you and cut it short somewhere along the way. I would also prefer an earlier start of 8:00

I missed your reply when you revived this post. I don’t even remember making the original post (8years ago, now).

But I live in Ventura now and would love to find some people to ride with in southern California who we can get organized. Do you have a meetup.com thing put together or are you trying to assemble a word-of-mouth meetup scenario?

I would like to meet up with some others for riding. I just started riding again after about a 50 year lapse, and haven’t seen any others in this area. I’ve only done road riding so far, but I wouldn’t mind giving muni a try (would need to be pretty basic stuff to begin with). I live in the San Fernando Valley area.

will there be a meeting this sunday at fullerton?? http://goo.gl/maps/CZSvS
My friends and I are beginner uni/bicyclists who would love to go for a ride with other cyclists.

Count me in. We’ve got a decent size group of muni riders in the LA area - we just haven’t gotten organized yet. I was thinking when Josh and Morgan return from Korea, I’ll put something together. PM me with your email if I don’t already have it. Here are the folks I can think of off the top of my head:

And an honorary spot for Largo, who’s tibia and fibia have declined to comment.
Phil and Hans would consider coming down from SB
Am I missing anyone??