Los Angeles Needs a new unicycling website


For the past 5 years I have managed two websites that supported the sport of unicycling in the Los Angeles area. I am no longer involved in the sport as much as I once was. One of the domain names expired today. That was the Muni website I had set up. The other one is set to expire. I also manage a Muni group. I will continue to manage that just to keep it spam free.

The sites will stay up in their generic form without the domain name on them. A search by anyone looking for unicycling sites in LA will still find them, but they will be unmaintained.

So, someone needs to set up a new one to benefit the entire Los Angeles unicycle community. One benefit of setting up a local website, is that at least a few times a year, agents will contact you looking for a unicyclist for a TV show. You get first dibbs. I would always then pass it on to my email list and also here to support the sport.

I hope someone can get something going like what Adam Brody did in Orange County with the Orange County Unicycle Club.