…or they go with someone else. Possibly some other sport if someone happens to be arround. Filming is expensive, I think its $10,ooo a day min w/o any special tallent.

Hope for no failures. Just wow them so much they extend your content and another day of filming.

If you read the original email it’s a print campaign. It’s still expensive, but much cheaper than film.

Are you kidding? Remember that “heart attack hill” in OC? I was the only one of us to make it all the way up!! YEah, DH will be a blast!

This must have been another day. If I had Extra Cash and a car that could make it there i would go. This meens i julyos, Jim you are not 28, bummer. 2,400 a day nice bank.:smiley:

I gues I didn’t read it very closely then:o

Well I made it to the audition this morning at 10am. There were about 15 of us there, which included familiar faces like Cody, Jake, & Eric, plus at least a couple “actors” with cheapo unis trying out as well. I asked one “poser” if he Muni-ed very much and he asked, “what’s muni?”

Anyway, they basically just took 3 quick still shots of us (one at a time); front, profile, and one shot on the Muni “waving” our hands to kinda simulate an action shot. I had a custom t-shirt made showing the VW “Cross Golf” SUV due out in '08. That’s what this print ad campaign is about. The shirt shows the car, then a “+” sign then a pic of a muni, then = :smiley:

I thought that might give me an edge or at least make an impression and something they would remember. Nobody knows when/if we will get a call back or find out who got the job. Could be a day or weeks.

I am SO going to win that.

WHO are you??? :thinking:

Good luck to everyone who auditioned. Don’t get the wrong idea about the actors with the cheap-o unicycles. Often these parts go to the person who looks right, even if he/she can’t even ride. You never know what the client is looking for (and they usually never tell you, even when it would have saved you a ton of time going down there had you known).

The nice lady also called me yesterday and told me I could send pictures, so I guess I’m on the list, and possibly others. I put in some good words for Terry, Cody and Eyal, all of whom fall outside the target age range, as do I :slight_smile:

I included a picture of my old Unibug with the big wheel on the back, my Unibus with the unicycle emblem on the front (instead of VW logo) and that really dated one with me and all my performing unicycles.

Thanks John. Yeah actually they require an experienced Muni rider as the photo shoot will have the person riding a fairly steep DH trail. Katie sent me an “artist’s rendition” of what it would look like. it’s below. But yes, often times in casting it’s not how old you are, but how old you look, and sometimes it’s primarily just the right look that gets the part. The first pic shows the t-shirt I made for the audition.


here’s that rendition they sent me:


I don’t think Cody can pass for 28…

Haha, nice suspension on that uni.

I don’t think Cody could pass for 28…

wow they really know their stuff… what with the suspension on that uni… lol… hope it all goes well. remember to smile or at least not have a crazy look on your face when you do anything crazy… that’s always my problem with photos… wicked line… but i am sticking out my tounge or biting my lip… or both.

Lol I usually have some dumb smile on my face even when riding…Lol look at pics of old events, middle of a line I have a cheesy grin :smiley:

Wish I was in LA to audition…damn…a few weeks too early. I’ll be living down there beginning March 1st. Woohoo!

Man, That was fun/funny! :smiley:

so how’d it go?

[Grumble] stupid me being not old enough to do it [/End Grumble]

I wrote a little description of what it basically was about. it’s on the 2nd page.

I was there later in the day and there was this emo kid with a realy old gerraff and a girl with a 24cx Good luck to all, I hope the person who gets it shows us all the add thing. :smiley: PS juggling at clarmont high school this weekend all should come for fun.

I think they’re just gonna go with whoever they think has the look they want, skill may not even be a big factor. Also, sometimes they may pick more than one person to give the client more to choose from.

I’m a strong rider, but as far as skill level goes some of the guys there blow me out of the water with their tricks, I saw a couple people just warming up in the waiting area… good stuff. Lucky for me that all you had to do was hop/idle!

Thanks to the guy who lent me his unicycle, I think it was Cody W.? Smart of me to show up to a mUNI audition without a mUNI… I brought a 36" with me but heck if I was gonna ride that thing in that little room. Right after that I took my 36" to the Santa Monica bike path and had a knarly UPD… see the thread '36" tire blowout while riding". When I was wheeling my uni back to the carpark in shame I think I passed a few guys whom I saw at the audition.

Good luck to everyone who was there!