This goes out to fellow MUNieers anywhere near Los Angeles. Below is a casting call announcement I only got this tonight for a call on Wednesday. If you are chosen, it pays a sweet $2400.

Contact at the email address below for Katie Taylor

Good luck!!

I am a casting director in Los Angeles California working on a VW print campaign that features a 28-38yrs old mountain unicyclists going down a hillside. The casting takes place on Wed 2/14/07 in Los Angeles, the job shoots in early March and pays $2400/day. If you are interested, please send me your name, age, contact phone number, a photo of your face and your level of off-road unicycle experience.
Look forward to hearing from you.
-Katie Taylor
taylorcasting (att) yahoo (dott) com

Holy christ I wish I was 28.

Me too…

I called up a friend of mine, hes 21, but hes going to see if the director can make an exeption.

yeah, totally,

That’s worth a shot.

It’s great cash and it would be awesome exposure for the sport as well.


Sounds like a job for Eyal “Rabbi Rock” Aharoni. Hollywood looks, awesome Muni skills . . .


Do you think I could pass for 38 and for a good Municyclist???

I’ve already gotten a reply from casting! I could easily pass for the age range but then again, the ad said they want somebody 28-38, not somebody who looks 28-38. We’ll see what happens!:smiley:

Well I just talked with them and I’m set to audition tomorrow! Wish me luck!!:smiley:

Good luck Sir!

I wish I lived closer… these casting calls and audition things alwasy come up last-minute. There seems to be no planning ahead in that world… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck MuniAddict! You can easily pass for a “weathered” 38!

Good luck , Terry. Let us know how it goes!

Terry, ya gonna bring yer new fancy POV camera to the audition? (Is it ready for prime time yet?)


Not as much as I do. I’d even give you the 2400/day.

HAha! “Weathered?” I thought you had to have a lot of wrinkles to fit that description.:stuck_out_tongue: Thank you sunscreen and Genes!

Best of luck to you Terry. If you do make it I trust you’ll still associate with us non Hollywood types.

  • Buy us all new unis.

Good luck, Terry. Think you can make it down the (gasp) hill?

Are you kidding? Remember that “heart attack hill” in OC? I was the only one of us to make it all the way up!!:smiley: YEah, DH will be a blast!

Don’t know if you guys caught this but the job pays $2,400 A DAY. That means if your unicycle gets a flat or breaks a crank and you need to shoot into day 2…Ka Ching! THAT’S $4,800 SMACKEROOS!