Los Angeles Marathon

I just ran across the L.A. marathon info again and I am seriously considering doing it. Well not the Marathon but the Bike Tour. It’s only 22.7 miles through the closed off streets of Los Angeles. They require you keep a minimum pace of 9 MPH, which on a coker isn’t impossible. It’s starts at 5 am on March 19th, and costs $35 to register.

I’ve emailed them to ask about unicycles. Might anyone you be interested?

if I were there, I’d definitely do it…you should, it would be fun. 9 mph on a coker isn’t hard at all.

if i can get a coker by then i’d definately be up for it if i can get down there.

Hey Jeff,

I might be interested in the ride. I’ll wait to hear what they tell you regarding uni-riding in the event. I’ve done three Coker rides with you along the Beach bike paths, (if you are the same Jeff I know) each ride totalling about 14 minles, so an additional 8 shouldn’t be that big of a deal, plus it will be a bit more exciting! I wonder what they’d do if you fell below 9 mph?? (Insert your joke here from the film, “Speed”)


I never ride my Coker but I’ll go. And I’ll drag Hans, Eyal and Jesse along as well.


You guys riding muni this sunday? If so, where and what’s the meeting time?:smiley: