Lorenz pöham - Spring 2012

Hey Guys, last 2 weeks i spend all my time in this Video. So i hope you will enjoy it :wink:


<3 =D
insane combos :slight_smile:

Great vid! Was that a switch(?) rolling wrap at 1:28 in the middle of that combo?

WoW , you are the best man , <3 love your style :wink: fucking combo

so soo good…everything was awesome. so creative too… also double rev on flat! :slight_smile: love it. more street would be nice in your next one. but i’ll watch and love it no matter what. keep up the amazing riding!

uh i like this song! riding was incredible but I guess it could have been very lame and the song would still give you the shivers. very well chosen!

More dialectic things I noticed: It seems even though your place comes with very high mountains, there is lots of flat, nice and paved riding areas, whereas where I live the highest point is 60m, and I can´t even find a decent sidewalk that´s not crooked to one side… :thinking: