Lorenz Pöham - Chilling with the Cowboy

lol that was funny:P
amazing filming, amazing riding, amazing editing and funny.
i liked it a lot :slight_smile:

Hehe! :smiley: A little random but still funny and the editing was EXCELLENT!! :sunglasses:

you’re a beast.
I love you.

nice vid!nice edit…
Aber dr John Wayne würd trotzdem nur lachen!

Wow, great editing! This was fun. :smiley:

That was pretty funny and the filming was really nice. I liked the trick at :26, right after the doubleflip.

WOW! Lorenz you getting really good! And the editing… what can i say, its just awesome as always! :slight_smile:

I love your videos! they have such creative filming in them and the editing is awesome

I’m not sure I like it, but its stylish, well edited, some good riding.
Maybe its the randomness that throws me. Its a collection of random scenes, including some neat out takes.

really awsome film n edit!!

but one question… wat do u feed that kid?! XD lol

Thanks for your comments. I’m glad some of you like it.

Haha xD

wow. how old is lorenz now? he’s crazy awesome… great stuff.

he’s 12… tomorrow 13 ;D

He’s amazing!
But here http://impactunicycles.com/#/riders/ it says that he’s born 27/07/1996. So isn’t he already 13? :S :stuck_out_tongue:

no it was a mistake at the website

I’ll say it here 'cause Lorenz wont add me as a friend on FB :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy birthday! :smiley:

happy birthday! Lorenz :smiley:

That’s a movie giving smile… great movie and … nice hat :slight_smile:

Wow amazing editing :astonished: Funny video, good unicycling. Amazing place you live.