Lorenz Pöham 2011

Hey guys!

After weeks of filming i finally finished a new video of my little brother Lorenz. I’m really proud of him landing all this tricks :smiley:

If you like it, leave a comment:)

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so awesome and clean riding, also so tight edit man!

That was so insane!!

Is he still only 13?

No offense to Raphael and Elias, but i think Lorenz is gonna be the best of the 3 soon!!

yeah he’s only 13.

I said the same :smiley:

hey lorenz! fucking good riding! übelst der geile style!
and filming and editing was also betautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

greets buchi

This is soooo crazy!!! :astonished: And even more amazing that he is only 13! :smiley:

I love it!! Just awesome! Great tricks accompanied by great style and editing. Could ask for no more.

everything was awesome! but i especially liked the flat line at 1:05 - 1:15 just so simple and smooth. great video :slight_smile:

Fifthdouble at the end right?? Sick! He has so much style now, I love it.

Great video! loved the filming and the edit, such a great to video watch :slight_smile:

The riding was cool to but to much flat for me, but still some great style and cant wait to see what hell be like in a few years :smiley:

Awesome skills, brilliant filming, very well edited. Loved it :slight_smile: …and WOW … only 13 … I am impressed.

it was time for a new great vid!
Hut ab Lorenz!!!

That’s an awesome video.:slight_smile:

I won’t be original… great riding, really liked it, but what I even more liked was the edit. Some shots were brilliant… and that depth. What cam are you using?

i’m using a canon 550d:)

that was awesome, like every poham video I guess :stuck_out_tongue:
really amazing, when did lorenz start?!
loved the creative flat stuff, just generally an amazing video :slight_smile:

Raphael, your skills are amazing. I really love watching your style evolve. Its always a good day when one of your new videos come out.
Lorenz, your flat style has been my favorite since the first video I saw you in. It keeps getting better. I can’t wait to see what else you do with it.

Awesome! So many amazing tricks! The editing was great as always.

Awesome! So many amazing tricks! The edit was great as always.

very nice

ohh dude, sick vid, everything was soo smooth including filming, keep it up man!