Lorenz Buchegger

This video is amazing! :smiley: I’ve never heard of Lorenz Buchegger before, but he’s become one of my favorite riders JUST from this video! The riding is great, the tricks are clean, but the style?! UNMATCHED! :smiley: Give the brother some props!

Smooth like butter

Amazing rider!

Really nice video! There are so many riders out there that nobody really knows about.

Great, I really liked that :slight_smile: 1:41, that’s where it’s at.

It’s awesome to see that almost every unicyclist filming videos right now is planning tricks and shots before they start. To me, that is what will progress our sport to what it can really be. This video is well filmed, and it has just the right music.

He’s a friend of my little cousin and sometimes rides with us (ludwig, felix,…)
and yes he is very talented of course :slight_smile:

Austria rules :smiley:

you can’t imagine how much i agree with you :stuck_out_tongue:

good video btw

This is awesome :open_mouth: I’ve never heard of this guy either. He’s got mad skillz! :slight_smile:

Huh? You liked his treyflip? Am I missing something?

And yup agreed.

2:41 :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a pretty steezy treyflip, you’ve got to agree :wink:

Ahhhh 2:41… yeah that’s a nice trick, def stood out. But I wouldn’t say he has UNMATCHED style :p. He reminds me a LOT of the first Lorenz :p. Mini flatland style. Mo’sty!!!

Oh and yes, that trey was amazing. He some how drifts to the left in mid air. Probably caused by the rotation of his tyre spinning around. Bah I dunno, how these kids manage to do these tricks I’ll never understand.

pretty sweet style! would of been nice to see some street lines though. flatland skills are siick… and love the red rim, pedals and seat cover tie combo looks nice :slight_smile:

Hell yeah, hot looking uni. I LIKE!

Pretty nice vid !

I agree with you, I don’t really see it as unmatched style, to me it wasn’t thaaaaat much different than the regular flatland video.