Lopsided Legs?!

Hey, alright, so I have this horrible problem. I can ride one-footed and idle, and even idle back and forth while shifting my weight so I can stay in one spot but basically do “degree” idle rolls to the right until I’m 90, 180, even 360 degrees around (and can keep going).

Problem is, I can only do all of this stuff with my right leg. I can only static-mount a giraffe with my left leg; can’t ride one-footed with my left as my right foot can barely leave the pedal, and while idling is alright with the left, I can’t rock back and forth with ease, nor shift my weight very well so I’m idle-rolling to the left side.

Is this normal? I know there’s talk about “the dominant leg/foot”, but I’m curious to know if it will continue to be as such, or if it’s just a matter of putting the left leg to more use? I don’t want lopsided legs!

Basically, you need to train the leg you don’t use much. If you repeat an action your muscles “remember” what they did and it gets easier. The less dominant leg has not been used, so just start small and then it should get stronger and you’ll be more confident in riding with the other side.

what he said

i thought you meant one leg was longer than the other. which a friend has that problem. it is only 1/2 and inch or so, so it isnt that bad.