Loose spokes

I have recently noticed that the spokes on my onza/kh have become loose and started creaking really bad, is this fixable? i’ll take it in to my lbs and c if they can tighten my spokes as i dont know how to do this myself. is it a hard job 2 do?

Not hard really…But it can be a hassle if a lot of them are loose…For this first time take it to the LBS and ask them to tighten them but ask if you can watch and have them explain the process. They probly wont mind. Then before you leave buy a spoke key($5-$10) and then next time they get loose just tweak em a little tighter.

cool thanks for the advice ill try 2take it in 2day 2 get it sorted as i cnt last lng wit out me unicycle, lol

If they wont let you watch or have to keep it to do the next day…Buy a spoke key and send me a PM and i can try to walk you through it.

I’ve had the same problem with my KH/Onza hub/spokes. I just tighten them when they get loose :wink:

Thanks for the help i bought a spoke key but got the guy in the lbs 2 show me how to tighten me spokes, did them last night guess the real test comes today when i go for a ride, lol

yay just got back from a ride and yay me spokes av stopped creaking so much healthier now. i no it cudnt av been me spokes bein tighter but OMG today i was jumping so much better than i have been recently, cleared steps that ive had problems wit for ages, dropped onto sum ledges in which i have been missin the landin and cleared these round steppin stones tings ive been tryin for a while. lol

Very good…but could you please try using English next time you post…I had a hard time reading this one.

haha this made me laugh

edit: seriously you need to talk normal nt lk ths its really dumb and annoying

thats what chatting on msn does to me start 2 type in stupid shorthand stuff, soz lol