Loose seatpost bolts

Hi All,

I have been searching for previous threads on this issue and I found numerous threads and I kind of got lost there.

My question is very simple and I’d be happy if you could answer it briefly - is it normal for my seatpost bolts (connected to KH Fusion Slim) to get loose even 12 hours after I last tightened them firmly without riding my uni at all during that period?

I know that in Inline Skating it is perfectly normal at the beginning of use and usually from time to time you need to check all bolts are tightened enough to the Alu frame. I have my Uni for 3 weeks now and I have ridden it ~3 times per each week.

Your comments are most appreciated.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I have a unicycle of unknown origin. It’s got a good tire on it but that’s about all.

I have to tighten my seat bolts a few times a ride… I do it with my fingers though when I once used a socket wrench it didn’t seem to last much longer. I figured it was because it was a cheap model, and it hits the ground alot (still learning). One of the bolts/nuts is also relatively rusty and can’t tighten all the way.

I keep meaning to go out and buy four locknuts for it, but keep forgetting when I’m out and about.

So I’m not sure about everybody, but that’s my experience with it!

I had some nuts on an old Schwinn uni loosen up once, and since have used blue loctite on my saddle nuts/bolts. Never another problem. It might be a good spot for nylock nuts, but they don’t usually have a cap to cover the sharp exposed threads. Another option would be split lock washers.

I always tighten ****, until it almost breaks. Those little allen wrenches, get bent all the time.:):slight_smile: