Loose Pedals

The pedals on my KH24 keep coming loose, so I ordered a pedal wrench. Unfortunely, it will take a while for the wrench to arrive. Should I hold off on riding with the pedals loose and wait till the wrench arrives. If I do ride with loose pedals, can it do a lot of damage? The riding is not very heavy. Mostly just small hops and riding around.


did you install them with a good bike grease?

i use “phil’s” if you are installing your pedals without any grease this may be what is causing them to come loose.
Riding on loose pedals will strip the threading on your cranks. if this happens to you; depending on the severity you might have to have the threading re tapped and threaded or replace the cranks all together. this will be very difficult considering the KH system does not have replacement cranks avialable.

Don’t ride it while the pedals are loose. You can end up damaging the threads on the crank and/or pedal. Even just light riding with a loose pedal can cause damage.

If you want to get riding right away you can take your uni to a bike shop and have them tighten the pedals. Some bike shops will do little repairs like that for free or very little money.

As hungfromhooks mentioned, a little bicycle grease on the pedal threads is a recommended. The grease protects the threads and also makes it easier to get the pedals tight.

Important, Do you have the pedals on the correct sides? This is probably the most Important thing to keeping the pedals tight.