Loose Pedal?!?!?!?!?!

I can’t figure out what is wrong with my semcycle! I just got it from semcycle.com about 1 and 1/2 weeks ago with the upgraded pedals. Well, for the last 3 days i have been doing revs and attempting crank flips on it and my pedal keeps getting super loose. For example, i tightened my pedal (as much as i could with damaging it.) and when i rode today, all i did was a half rev and my crank feel like they sort of shift or something. So I kept riding and it kept “shifiting” or whatever about every 10 seconds. This happened yesterday and i could unscrew the pedal with my hand after riding for a little bit. I checked both cranks and they are on tight. I dont think i bent them because i am very light and have pretty good technique.

Oh ya, both pedals are where they should be (right on right side and vice versa). I was thinking of trying locktite, but im not sure yet.

Anyone know what is going on? Is it the pedal? the crank? the axle?

Maybe its the cranks that are loose. Did you check those?

ya both cranks are tight.

can you wiggle the pedal at all? that is, if you push / pull on the pedal, in line with the axle, does the pedal move? there may be some bearing problems, or the pedal assembly itself may be loose (as opposed to the pedal’s axle being loose in the crank)

well i took the cap off the pedal and try to tighten (the axle?) but it was already really tight. The pedal only wiggles when it gets really loose in the spot where it connects to the crank. Could it be the bearings? would it make it feel like the pedal/crank is shifting? When it came in the box the frame was already connected to the wheel.

First check out the Unicyclopedia’s maintenance page and follow their suggestions… try a little grease / anti-sieze / blue Loc-tite on the crank / pedal interface and see if things stay tight.

Since the pedals are new the bearings should be in good shape… if you’re still wondering, though, you could take the pedal apart and examine the bearings. See Brian MacKenzie’s page on pedal overhaul for the gory details.

Good luck!

Thanks for links. I was thinking to use loctite but wasnt sure. Would i be able to get blue loctite from a local hardward store (or any local store) or can only order online (unicycle.com)?

I had the same problem with my bedford 20", and have seen the problem on about 20 other unicycles. I used red locktite on mine straight away and haven’t had a problem since. When you think of it, the only real problem with locktite is that if you ever need to replace the pedals, they are harder to remove or you need to replace the cranks as well. I have never heard of anybody replacing their pedals.

I think this is a design defect with pedals and cranks in general, and that the problem ultimatelly resides in the metal of the crank itself, which has nothing to do with the specific brand of unicycle. You will notice that the metal of the pedal and that of the crank is very different (at least in apearance), and that the metal of the crank is the one that gets damaged. Perhaps somedy can be convinced to make a composite crank, a normal one, with the end made of the metal the pedal is made of… or you can just use licktite, -or weld it on for that matter :slight_smile:

I think a lot of us change pedals. I’ve broken two pedals, and have changed others out just out of preference.
I’ve also epoxied pedals in place when they start to get loose before. 2-ton epoxy (or something like JB Weld, which is epoxy with metal filings) will work great, and last a very long time. Eventually, I needed to change the cranks on that uni, so I blowtorched the cranks until the epoxy melted and I could pull out the pedal again–so it is reversible, but it’ll dry up the grease in the pedals if you’re not careful. Loctite has many kinds of removable glues that I’m sure would work just as well if not better. My situation was a bit of a special case where the threads were completely gone and the pedal just slipped in and out of it with no resistance, so I needed a good gap-filling glue.)

What kind of loctite do i need to get to keep my pedals tight? Because at a local walmart they had many different kinds of loctite and my mom wasnt sure what to get. She said she didnt see red or blue or green loctite, but the boxes were all blue and they said were like different kinds of super glue or something?

Would this be the right kind of loctite to get? If not could someone find an image of the right one? thanks.

i think loctite is just a brand. walmart has loctite brand super glue and whatnot. blue medium strength threadlocker is what you need. get it at pep boys or auto zone or something, it’s a lot cheaper than ordering online. they should have loctite brand if that’s what you want.