Loose cromo pedal inserts

Hi… I have a question… earlier today I tried to change my pedals, but I could only screw it like 1/4 time around, then I realized that the pedal insert was loose…:frowning: what am I going to do :thinking:

KH or Koxx-one?

If it is K1, you are boned, there is nothing you can do about it.

If it is KH then you can tighten it back up, I will let someone chime in here with the proper tightening procedure for it.

You’ll need a spanner wrench.

If I were you I would take it to your local bike shop, they will probably be able to help you out. I think it should be pretty easy to deal with, though I have never had it happen to me, it has happened before, I recall hearing about one falling out. Make sure to put some red loctite on it, the permanent stuff.

Waa… Im going to read this thread :smiley: Thats my problem too…

I’m having Tensiles

When I get time i will take it down to my bike guy and see if he can help me out:D

This comes up alot. Usually its an issue with the KH Moment cranks, tho I would imagine any aluminum cranks with threaded inserts will do thi.

Spanner wrench, pffff. What I do is just tighten back up and then loosen. Half the time the insert will tighten and hold, the other half it will spin again, but it will only spin so far and the pedal starts loosening… havn’t had any serious issues nor have I needed to a spanner to get my pedals on or off.

haha… thank you. I think I will try that… :roll_eyes:

or you can just use those long skinny nosed pliers(im having a brain blank) what i do to keep mine in is,i take the insert out grab the red lock-tight put it on then screw insert back in,worked fine for me but if your one is just moving not falling out just tighten the pedals and it should tighten,if you search theres about 4 threads on this.(wow thats alot of writing)

Haha… I just tightened it back and now it works fine, and i can change pedals…:smiley: thank you for helping me:p