Loose Bearings

I would like to know if somebody else has tried that their bearings are getting very loose?? I’m riding a KH frame on a Nimbus ISIS hub, can that be why they are getting loose in 10 min.?

Loose where?

Is the inner race of the bearing sliding on the hub axle? Use common red loctite.

Did you tighten the bearing holders right ?

yeah it’s the inner race… what’s common red loctite?? and yes i’ve tighten them as much as I could, but it didn’t worked…
but I think I probably have found the solution, I am just going to have som spacers…

Only tighten bearing caps a bit

You have 4 nuts to tighten. Flip the uni upside down and loosen the caps totally. Spin the wheel and count the revs. Then tighten the caps until the wheel doesn’t spin as free (distorting the bearing shell). Then loosen the bearing caps just a bit, so it spins again with max revs.

It’s a weird system, but that’s how almost all unis bearings are adjusted. You can’t just tighten up the bearing caps to a torque. You really should do the spin and count the revs method.

If the inner race is sliding on the axle

I don’t know if spacers are a fix or not. In theory, the bearings are a slight interference fit. They should need to be pressed on by the inner race, and stick by metal tension, as if by a spring.

If that isn’t happening, the common red loctite, bought in an auto parts store, can work as a glue to stick the inner bearing to the axle. Try to clean and degrease the parts first.

Really though, the bearings should be press fitted to the hub axle. That’s how it is on all my unis.

I’ll try that…