loose and creaking

Some of my spokes are slightly looseer than others and when I ride, my wheel makes a creaking sound.
Bad news?
My unicycle is some off brand, a cheap piece of crap, but it always rides very well.
Does it matter if some spokes are a li8ttle loose and is the creaking sound related to the spokes as I suspect it is?


Yeah that creeking sound is probably related to the spokes. If not the spokes maybe the pedals, or bearings. But probably the spokes. I recommend, trueing up the spokes (tightning them) they really shouldn’t be that loose, and if they are creeking that means they are too loose. If you don’t have the right tool for tightning spokes, any bike shop will have one. If you don’t feel like doing it on your on any bike repair shop will probably do it for you.

My uni was creaking once, and I thought that was the problem. Then my sisters friend said I should tighted where the seat post connects to the saddle. I did so, and no more creaking. This might be your problem…