Looooong ISIS cranks: 170, 175, 180

The 170’s are QuAx Cromoly
The 175’s are Try All Aluminum
The 180’s are Truvativ Husselfelt, they include a BB and the chainring (these are not needed for unis of course)

These cranks will work with any ISIS UDC, KH, QuAx hub.

I’ll take best offers, willing to sell separately or together.

Do the try-all cranks have arms for a chainring, or are they unicycle cranks?

The Try All and the Truvativ are “direct mount”, so they do not have a spider attached permanently to the crank arm.

The Truvativ is a DH crankset, it comes with a chainring and BB.

The TryAll is a trials crank set.

The QuAx is a uni specific crankset.

I have used all three for muni, they work great, there were no issues with excessive Q.

If you want long cranks with minimal Q, these are the best you can get at these lengths.

ISIS in the biking world is becoming rare, the QuAx and Truvativ cranks are no longer made. Get em’ now while you can :slight_smile:

I’ll post pics when I remember.

Here’s a link to a picture of the Try All: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/cranks_pair/tryall_expert_isis/c514p11216.html

Here’s a link to a picture of the QuAx cranks:

Hi NB, do you still have the 175s and 180s? Thanks.

How about the 170’s? Still available? How much?