loooong grind

i was riding at the skatepark in montrose, colorado and i hit this downward sloped box that looks to be about 12 feet long (I will break out the measuring tape later)i was trying to make it down the whole thing for hours but kept losing my balence 3/4 of the way down. then someone waxed it and I made it the whole way. Has anyone tryed something this big?
-mike clark

nice waxing stuff really helps i learned that from skateboarding r u the gliding guy from universe 2?I Will be watching that to help me with my gliding can you give me any tips? i have got about 30ft i fink that’s 6revs and i only learnt it yesterday so i don’t think i am doing 2 badly!

I’m not Mike, but here’s my tip: Be careful on those stairs, ouch!

For gliding, start on a driveway or other downhill locations. You can go from one-footing, or directly to the glide. It’s easier to learn from the one-foot ride, even if your pedaling and gliding feet are the same ones.

Learn to do it slow, this will teach you control. Learn to be light on the tire, to keep going on very shallow slopes. Those skills will help when you up the speed.

Also you can use both feet. I often use the toe of the shoe that’s on the frame as kind of a drag brake so the “control” foot doesn’t have to press as hard.

yeah but i’m only 18. gliding is way fun. For downhill gliding I recomend raising the seat till you can bearly pedal. this sucks for anything else than downhill gliding but it puts you in a comfortable position which is a must for speed and distance. learn how to one foot wheel walk till you are able do do it barely touching the tire for balence. use cheap shoes your tire will wear a hole in the one that touches it.

thanks john and mike i can only do it from wheel walk but i have started gliding down hill already i have found the cheap converse to be the best to glide in at the mo

for a glide on a downhill, i don’t use 1 footed. I start with wheel walk 1 foot. And then go over in glide.

On the flat i had practise with 1 foot and than gliding. But now i going form normally into a glide:D


its a bit harsh that mikes thread got hijacked straight away. so to keep it alive heres my efforts.
ive only ever managed a grind for one foot or before coming to a stop even with the aid of wax, tho saying that it wasnt very steep.
ive slid all the way downa a 6 footer but dont have the balls to jmp out to it yet, but nothing even a touch close to a loooooong grind like yours.

yeah sorry bout the jacking phat ass grind man i saw phil grind ages ago that was sweet but only like a 1ft 12ft now dat would b sweet!
(sorry i just watch dude where’s my car thats y there’s loads of sweet’s)

I kinda made it sound like i made it next try after the ledge was waxed. the first 5 tries or so I barely made it halfway, falling on my but every time. I was talking to a skater about how it was so slick i had to hit it as slow as I could, he said “it seems like you would want to hit it as fast as you could because you are off balence”. next try, I made the whole thing.

im 14 and been riden’ for 4 months. iv consentrated a lot on grinding. w/ plastic pedels i did a 6 footer. with the rescient addition of a piece of sheet metal on the bottom of my pedel i can go farther. i want to go to the skate park to try a
8 + or - grind.
hay one track, are you the one on universe 2 hitting the stairs on that hand rail. OUUUUUCHH!!! my friends bro.(karl thompson) said that you got the wind knocked out of ya.

yep, I was dazed and trying to breath for a couple seconds.