lookout for UK 4ft stolen unicycle

It seems like the news is repeating (or a trick for free publishity), but again a unicycle was stolen from a circus: http://www.stalbansobserver.co.uk/mostpopular.var.2183997.mostviewed.unicycle_theft_stumps_circus_act.php

…it wouldn’t be the 1st unicycle that returns because of RSU…

I don’t get it… (sensationalism maybe?)
Specially made?
Ordered in from russia?
He would need practice if the wheel was a differeent size?


  1. Has the guy never heard of UDC
  2. Anybody that needs ‘‘hours and hours of practice’’ for a different sized wheel (why would it be different, anyway?!) shouldn’t really be in a circus…

Disregarding the article, it’s a shame about the theft.

If it’s so crucial, you’d think they’d at least show a picture of the thing. I might be buying it on Ebay and never know the difference.

changing the wheel size wont affect anything, i went from my trials to a 5ft giraffe in 20 minutes or so, just go and get a 5 ft from udc lol

It’s these clowns you see… they’re useless…

nice way of putting it, but were all seen as clowns too lol, i agree though lol

Have you seen his act? Have you seen the unicycle? Are we all assuming a 4’ Nimbus (which I don’t think exists)? Maybe it’s something else. Maybe his act requires very precise movements/response/reactions.

Probably not, but we don’t know. 4’ is not a lot of giraffe in any case. Once upon a time I traveled halfway around the world (to Bali) with my artistic bicycle, only to find out the stage was carpeted. Brilliant. I literally had to practice for hours to figure out a “reduced” version of my act that would work on the carpet. Riding surface can make more difference than the exact cycle you’re on. That’s why many circus-based cycle acts bring their own floor with them.

But why not specially made in Russia, if it’s the Moscow State Circus? Seems logical to make it in Russia. Circus performers have different requirements for unicycles than casual riders (most customers). For the most part, they need unicycles that will function year after year and won’t break, regardless of the weight. Most people who perform for a living would rather have a tank that can take a beating than something that was cheap but will bend if it gets mishandled (in transit, that is).

Sounds like it might be a Coker to me. The wheel itself is 3’ and add on about a foot for the seat post and saddle. I guess it might make sense to non-unicyclists to quote unicycle sizes in floor to saddle dimensions.

It could, of course be a 4’ wheel. I remember Dmitry from Triton posting a couple of pictures of some hand made big wheeled titanium unicycles that were made years ago, so that’s certainly a possibility.

However, I wouldn’t rule out it being an 8’ giraffe. Remember, clowns feet are much bigger than our feet!