Looking to Muni in San Diego

I will be in San Diego off and on over the next while.

Any MUni riders to show a wannabe around?

(I looked at sduni.com, but there are no contact links.)

PM, email, or send smoke signals.

I live in ojai, I dont muni, but im up for a ride.

Yes, yes, yes! We love to muni out here. Not a huge group, but those we have are enthusiastic, and we ride a wide range of trails out here. Check your email.


check your PMs.

yeah! We’ll show u around…should be able to meet up with u, Jerry, Steve n hopefully the rest of our group.


Thanks for a great ride, JP.

Here’s JP as we took a well deserved break. (Low res picture from the camera phone.) The ride was a beautiful single track along Lake Hodges, with some very tough technical challenges scattered along the way. We both ate a little dirt: a bit too sandy for my tastes. But I’m ready to eat it, uh I mean ride it again.

Thanks again JP. I’m looking forward to Saturday.


It looks like Jerry is wearing a bloody bandage on his head! :astonished: Were you guys taking Krashin’Kenny’s tag line (If you ain’t crashing, you ain’t going fast enough!!! ) to a new extreme? :smiley:

I don’t really need to go very fast to crash. But there was no blood. That’s an ancient ritual token JP wears to make peace with the earth and appease the spirits.

You don’t want to anger the MUni Gods, right?

Even though that picture is underexposed, it is obvious that is on beautiful area to ride. Maybe next year when If I head out there for vacation, I will be able to get a ride in.

Looks like you guys had a great ride.

It’s a head band…I sweat a lot…just ask Mango (he does too). Not sure what that white “badge” thing is that looks like it’s mounted up there.

It is a beautiful area. We’re so lucky here. That’s not even the most spectacular. So many trails right in or close to the city.

It was a very nice ride…Munipsycho’s a fun guy. Unfortunately for me, the fun stopped right at the point where I dumped it and got tangled in the uni falling to where I pulled my hamstring pretty badly. Now I’m limping around wondering when next I might be capable of riding. Ugh.

Anyone wants to come visit, we’ll be glad to host the muni rides!

Mango, when are you getting back here?


I was priviledged to ride Cowles Mountain today with the excellent San Diego riders, Jon, Steve and Jake. I’m the only one who lost any blood when I chipped my chin upon falling during an uphill bit. (Video when I regain access to my server.) These guys are great riders and all around good guys. I learned a lot today, and really enjoyed watching Jon and Jake exercise their advanced trials skills on the trails. They were all very patient with my limitations (bad hair and inexperience).

Thanks for a great ride fellas!


Jon, Jake and I went back up for a second run down. I was still bleeding, and I fell on my head. (It hurt, too.) Despite my mishaps, we had a great second run.


Jerry was unable to join us on Cowles Mountain on Saturday. But he’s rad when he does ride it!

Here’s a picture of him making the run down from a few weeks ago. It shows his prowess on a very steep and technically difficult section of the trail. None of it is easy, but Jerry, Steve, Jon and Jake own Cowles Mountain!

You can get those photos from your camera looking a lot better if you (generally speaking) reduce the brightness and increase the contrast. Also, on the last one I made it a little more blue than it was.

I’m not the most experienced at this sort of thing but I think they look a little better…





They look much better. Thanks for the tip and the fix, Andrew!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Glad u enjoyed Cowles Jeff, it was a fun ride. We gotta take u to some other trails if you’re ever in town again.