Looking to meet Unicyclists in Budapest

Hey! I’m a 21 year old guy from Sweden who’ll be visiting Budapest for a few days this week. I was wondering if anyone is up for a ride? I mostly just ride freestyle, and do that kind of riding…

Are there seriously no unicyclists from Budapest reading this board?


Probably there aren’t many unicyclists from Budapest here but I know a rider from there, his name is Marcell Heisz and this is his website:

Maybe if you contact him he can give you more information about the unicyclists in Budapest. This is his address:

Good luck!

Thank you, gracias!

By the way, were you at FLUCK last time? If so, do you still have the keychain, “Danske Bank”

Yes!!! I was the one at the Fluck…… I went there with the group of unicyclists from Spain. And yes, I still have the keychain, and many really good memories from that event. You can see my Fluck pictures here:

Thank you and I hope to see you at the Unicon next year!!!

Hasta pronto!