Looking to make a weird trade

Hey y’all,

Back when I was a teenager I rode around a 20” uni regularly with a bunch of my pals, it was a whole thing. Anyways, I got my uni by offering to trade with someone who had one for a mandolin that I had, and they surprisingly were into it. That uni was lost some years ago when my friends car was stolen (unicycle was in the trunk) and I fell out of the hobby.

I’m looking to get into distance riding these days, so I thought I might try the unicycling community once again. I used to make Spanish style guitars professionally and I have 2 remaining. I would love to find someone who would trade a 29, 32, or 36 inch nimbus for one of my guitars.

I understand that I can sell one of them to pay for a new uni, but this sort of weird hyper specific trading is just so fun and memorable that I have to try.

I’m in the southeast USA