Looking to get into Unicycling.

As the title of my post said I’m looking to learn to ride and all that jazz. I watched some youtube videos and it just looks like a ton fun. So for the past few days I’ve been browsing the internet looking around, trying to find information on what kind of unicycle I should buy. I pretty much know nothing about unicycles and even bikes for the matter. While searching I found this place and read some posts and it seems like a nice community.

The thing that looks the coolest to me is mountain unicycling, so I’d like to get something that will at least have the capabilities to do that, but obviously that would most likely be far down the road. There are all these different wheel sizes…20, 24, 29, 36… crank lengths, clasps and to be honest im totally lost. I dont know if it would be better to buy something real cheap to learn the basics on, then buy something better…? But like I said I’d ideally like something that can do it all. I also read that weight and height can play a factor (I’m 6’1 180 lbs)… Anyways I’m really confused and any information or help you guys can give me would amazing. Thank you.

im also pretty new to unicycling, but you also need to measure your inseam and the length of the seat post and the seat and pedals and all that stuff, I have the torker lx and it has a really bad seat so I would suggest a better seat


Welcome to the forums, but more importantly welcome to the sport of Unicycling,

A Torker LX, 20" or 24" will be good for learning on. Your on the tall end so there would be nothing wrong with a 24". Infact since you will most likely be doing Muni(mountain unicycling) on s 24", starting with that size will get you used to the size you will want in the future.

If you are a fast learner and are pretty sure you will stick it out through the learning process, as well as not being afraid to drop twice as much money than the cost of a Torker, then starting with something that can handle Muni might be a good idea. Nimbus 24", or Torker DX 24" are nice mid level unis, the Nimbus being a bit better IMO.

For learning you will prolly want a smooth tire and some pavement. A knobby tire will make learning a bit tougher.

Ideally a Torker LX 20 or 24 is what you want to learn and should get you pretty far into the sport of unicycling. Or for about twice as much money you could get a Nimbus 24" and that would work for learning, and be upgradeable as you need.
This uni would be decent for learning and the easiest to upgrade into a Muni machine.

Now… What I would do if I were you (with what I know now), is get a Torker LX 20" Learn to ride and when you are ready get a nice Kris Holm 24"

Thank you for all of the information. I think I’m leaning towards the nimbus 24, even though its nearly double the torker LX 24. I’m still not sure though. Another question I have though is what protective gear is essential, I’m sure there is ton of stuff I could get, but what should I get so I dont hurt myself and really slow down the learning process. Also If I dont want to buy online where am I going to be able to find uni’s or at least protective gear locally? Will bike shops have what I’m looking for or? I’d like to save on all of the shipping I can.

So any more insight I could get on selection and everything else would be great, thank you guys so much.

I dont know about finding it in stores, because unicycles are still not that big compared to bikes, but I think the most important protection gear is leg guards like the Kris holm percussion armor or some others, like those by 661.

A helmet is obviously important but when your taking it easy and just learning, you rarely even fall onto your hands because the speeds involved are pretty slow.
But still wearing a helmet is important.

Other gear includes cycling shorts, wrist guards, gloves, elbow guards, back guards, theres lots of things but personally all I use from that list is gloves.

I learned on a Torker LX, and it worked great until I got bored of just riding around - it couldn’t go on grass, up curbs, or do anything other than straight riding. I bought a Nimbus about a month afterwards, and now I have a spare Torker that I can let people try (with a wall or some friends, of course), and if they really want to, borrow it for a while to learn on until they get a uni of their own. I’d recommend a Torker to learn on, and then get a nice uni after a month or two.

Not sure the person who posted that had your safety at heart :wink: A&F Scarves might protect your neck from scratches I suppose.

Being a bit older, I don’t heal as fast as some of you young’uns so I err on the cautious side and wear 661 Leg and Knee pads, 661 Elbow pads (I’ve had some nasty bangs on my elbows) , wrist guards (which stop the skin from peeling away from the palm of my hand when I upd and stop me fracturing my wrists) and also a cool Tony Hawk Helmet. I’ve smasheda helmet in two before now so I’m not gonna take any chances.

Get hurt a couple of times and you’ll soon learn which parts of your body you need help covering. Shins are a massive part of learning, my 661’s are still taking a beating while I’m learning unispins.

Hope this ramble helps you!

Welcome to Unicycling - It’s gonna cost you some!

Being the same height as you, you could easily go up to a good 26" it would be perfect for muni.

Also think about that seat, I have a 26" Sun and it like the Torker has a horrible seat. So I spent $90 shipped for the whole uni and $60 for a good seat to go with it…maybe worth getting a uni with a good seat because you will need a better seat very quickly.

Welcome and riding a Unicycle is a BLAST!

I was able to narrow it down and decided I would learn on the Torker LX 24. I have seen alot of people talking about how bad the seat is, just like you’re describing though. I just actually ordered it a few hours ago and was able to get free shipping and some other bonus garbage. Most everyone on here is saying thats the thing to learn on, so I figured I would take the advice. I guess if I really get into the sport I’ll buy something nicer like a nimbus or a kh if I have money at that point.

I’m still up in the air as far as exactly what kind of safety gear I want to get. I looked at some of the kh percussion and 661 stuff and… jeeze I could easily spend double what I’m paying for the torker for just a few pieces. I suppose the most essential piece would be a helmet, cut up legs are bad, but a cracked skull might be even worse ;). Trying to decide if I want to go for classic biking helmet or not, any ways im still a little confused, but i cant wait until it gets here so I can get rolling.

Any helmet will do to start with. And you’re most likely to smack your shins with a pedal when you’re learning, so you can get by with some shin guards made for soccer (they’re cheap and plentiful–if you have a thrift store or used sporting goods store, you can probably find a set for $5 or less).

+1 on soccer shin guards. That is what I currently use, for all ridding, they are lgiht, not too hot, and sometimes come with ankle protection which will keep your ankles scrape free as well. You should not need any knee protection for learning.

Safety Gear:

Shin guards (soccer) $12
Wrist Guards $12
Bicycle helmet (previously purchased)

I gave myself a few ugly bruises on my shins early on, but now with basic riding it is not a problem. I got the most use out of wrist guards and would highly recommend them. I had several falls where my hands took the brunt of the fall, and the wrist guards were very helpful. I have yet to have a fall where the helmet played any roll–most of my UPDs are slow speed on a small wheels. I would prioritize safety equipment with wrist guards first, then shin guards and then a helmet. That being said, I have a helmet and I always ride with it. The shin guards are most important for learning to mount (ouch!) and more advanced tricks, but I do not use them for just riding around.

I’m an inch shorter than you, and about the same weight. I’m learning right now on a LX 20". The 24 will be great, you will get much more speed and be cruising around in no time. The reason that I like the 20 right now for learning instead of the 24 is that I ride slower, so it makes me be more precise with my balance. I didn’t wear a helmet until today, when I started doing hops/riding down steps, trying to ride backwards, and attempting to ride seat in front. I have not hit my shins yet even once knock on wood But I know I will when I start attempting crank flips and stuff.

I definately suggest a pair of full finger gloves, you can get some really cheap for motorcycles and stuff. Because around my 3th day is when I started going fast down hills and stuff, and I really HATE it when you scrape the palms of your hands, which I would have done about 4 times now if not for the gloves…

Oh and to add on, as for the gloves, I also wear them because I’m a photographer and I play stringed instruments. It’s a pain in the butt if you get a cut in the wrong spot… So my hands stay clean! :smiley:

So if you have something that you really need to use your hands for a lot besides unicycling, I very very highly recommend the gloves.

EDIT: AH AH! and I forgot to say as well, that I don’t really know anything yet, and I realize there are better seats out there, but the LX seat doesn’t seem SO bad to me. I ride around my neighborhood with it. It does occasionally pinch my right jewel though, which could be me just mounting incorrectly.

Bah I was gonna edit again, but just past the time frame… I was gonna say this…

“I just keep thinking of things, yay for me. I was gonna say about the LX tire, I’ve actually been doing little intro muni on it, and I’m not bad at it haha. I’ve got some dirt and such stuck to various parts of my uni, but I’ve riddin down some small rocky hills, and across my front yard (lots of holes, sticks, rocks, those kinds of things) So don’t underestimate it, a very good intro for everything I think. (For the price)”

Great ideas, thanks guys. I’ll probably just check out some stores and see what I can get for cheap. I dont know why I didn’t think of soccer shin guards, thats a damn good idea. Also I can’t stand cut up palms either so I guess gloves would be a good call too. It sounds like the helmet and wrist guards wont be too bad as well, then I’ll be on my way. Good stuff, thank you again.