Looking to get into bc? Take a look at these wheels...!

For those who want to start into the super awesome world of Bc’ing, take a look at these wheels on ebay, they are dirt cheap, and would be perfect for a beginner looking for something affordable to learn on.

Pretty cheap components, but would hold up fine for a beginner.

Great rim, Unsealed hub but thats fine. Just keep those hub cones tight and youl never have a problem.

Great hub, Lower end rim, but i doubt anyone out there could kill it.

Excellent Rim, Great hub, you’l never need another wheel.

Another supurb wheel, again you’l never need a replacment

I hope this gets some of you into the awesome sport.

I am going with the second from the last one. I done knew what plates I was going to get but I neded a wheel set with a 14mm hub because out of all the bike and uni parts I have laying around I didn’t have one. when i get the money i will be another bc rider

as soon as my 9mm hub breaks, I’ll probably go for one.

as it is, it’s bent, like this: __/ (but upside down) but it still rolls just fine.

i got it for free, which is why I didn’t care that is was 9mm.

i built a 12" BC a few months ago. it only had a 1/4 inch axle though, so after a few days it was really bent. ive meant to make a new one with a better wheel, but i dont have one. maybe…

i would ge the second to last one if i hadnt gotten mine already.

The tighter your axle bolts are, the more weight the cones and actual hub will take your weight.

yeah, they were really tight. but the wheel came from a very small children’s bike. and i kept running into a problem:

to tighten it, i had to put a wrench on either bolt, but one would get tight and the other would not, and since they tighten in different directions, one would slip and the other would get tight. do i have the wrong kind of wheel, or what?

How about 2 wrenches?

Look at iridemymuni’s sig line, spencer only had one wrench…

yeah, i did that. i put a wrench on each nut, and tried to tighten.

see, my setup was like this:


the Ns are the nuts, and the thing between is the plates (ignore the dashes). it was like that on both sides of the hub. to tighten, i put a wrench on each outer nut and twisted. as they tightened, they turned, making the plates uneven. that is, the turning nuts turned the plates with them. i had to turn the plates back to ride it, which untightened the nuts. eventually i just had to use the vise to hold it still. how is this normally prevented?

You set the bc down between 2 objects, Iv used bricks, pallets, rocks etc etc, then you stand on each plate, and tigthen

Hmm, are these wheels stronger than the basic bedford BC?

Would the basic bedford BC be breakable.

Thats alot of Bs, agreed?

would a normal bike wheel (3/8" axle) stand up to riding?
cause my 1/4" axle bent real fast.

It depends on which one you’re refuring to. The last 2 are very very nice wheels, and proly just as strong if not stronger than any bc on Darrens site.

I doubt you can “break” any wheel on darrens site, they are all very well built, with quality components. However weaker rims could be knocked out of true faster.

Ah, so bedfords are good quality then? I guess Ill go with a bedford BC since shipping is cheaper (border fees) and once you convert to CND and add plates, the price is very close. Thanks Evan.

Nope. Mine (the one that bent immediately) was 9mm, which is about the same as 3/8. You really need a 14mm.