Looking to get a new Trials Saddle

Hello, I’m a rider of a little over a year now, and my unicycle is an Onza 20", and I prefer to ride trials.
I recently broke my saddle and was wondering what recommendations you guys had on what a good option for a seat would be.
The plastic bottom of my seat gave out.
My Onza saddle is nice but feels a bit thick.
Is there any saddle I should be leaning towards? I’ve heard great things about the KH street/slim but as
it comes down to it, my experience with saddles is very limited.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Look at getting a reinforcement plate with your next saddle. The plastic isn’t so great for handling shock loads…

…which means you’re landing too hard on your seat, or pulling on the handle when you should be pulling on the side of the saddle. Work on your trials technique and your saddle won’t take as much abuse…

I’ve read that the newest KH seats have a stronger plastic base. If you want to stick with plastic, then that would be a good one.

Really if you’re pulling hard enough to break the plastic, you might want to look into a carbon fiber seat base. They’re much stronger and stiffer than the plastic ones. UDC has them, or you can ask Axel Kästle on Facebook. He makes them.

You would end up reusing the padding, seat cover, and handle from your current seat. If the padding is too think, it’s not hard to cut it down with a bread knife.

I love my nimbus flat and kh slim for trials super thin and stiff