Looking to buy used unicycle, LOST mine.

Yes, I was on a road trip across the country, and alas, I left my unicycle at a pitstop, didn’t realize until I was 400 miles away, when I poped open my trunk to take it out for a spin, I was in disbelife.

So i’m looking to buy another unicycle, but now I live on my own, and am going to school next fall, and can’t really afford much, but am looking to buy a used unicycle.

I ride trials/street, so i’m looking for a uni with a phat tire, and a splined hub, I’ve been thinking about just buying a torker DX since its in my price range, if you got a used DX I might consider it, but It needs to be a 05" model because I want the extra wide frame for when I have some money latter I can update the rim.

Please message, or email me, I"M DESPERATE! I’m dreaming about unicycleing.


get a DX off ebay

Too bad about that… you bonehead! :stuck_out_tongue:

I pulled a bonehead move like that one morning, pre-coffee, I parked my uni at a bus bench and waited for the bus by sitting (rather than my usual ww practice)… I then proceeded to get on the bus and ride up to school. Once I disembarked, I realized my folly, ran up to the lab, and found the first willing victim to drive me back to the bus stop. Luckily, it was sitting just where I left it (30 mins earlier). Phew!

PM me if you’ve got PayPal and I’ll send you $10 to help out with the replacement… gotta look out for my homies! C’mon, folks, let’s help a brother out!

Ebay is probally the cheapest place to find em new if you cant get it anywere else.

What a bummer! :astonished:

Yeah… It sucks not having a uni, whats really a bummer is right before i moved I had plenty of money, living with my parents and all, so I could of just replaced it, but now, I have no such luck… I’m not looking specificaly for a DX either though. DX is just about the only thing I have money for to buy new, but i’m looking for just about anything used resonably priced, i’m willing to pay more for a used KH or bedford. Mainly because one of those used will be cheaper in the long run, i’ll probably be breaking things off of the DX pretty quickly.

Which pit stop? Maybe someone lives near there and go check to see if it’s still there.

Uhm hehe, I have your unicycle, i found it. No im just playing, but that does really suck that you lost it!

That’s a huge bummer. What was the uni you lost? I’ll send up a prayer to the God of uni (Uni Loki) before I go to bed.

It sounds exactly like something I’d do. I’m in two minds as to whether to take a uni to Glastonbury as it’d be a perfect oppurtunity to misplace/forget a unicycle…

My condolences… I’ve been without for a month, and it bites… Except I’ve had mine mocking me in plain view (with a broken axle :’(

Re: Looking to buy used unicycle, LOST mine.

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, MrBoogiejuice wrote:

> I’m in two minds as to whether to take a uni to Glastonbury as it’d be a
> perfect oppurtunity to misplace/forget a unicycle…

The rule of Glastonbury: “Take only what you can afford to lose”

Sounds like a uni is a BAD idea - even though it’d be great for getting
around the site. I actually rode a unicycle for the first time at Glasto
in 1993. In the circus field they had a few on loan. I spent an entire
day, on grass (the stuff on the floor, not the stuff in a pipe), really
rough ground and managed about 20m by the end of it!




I met a lad there last year with an Onza trials uni. I took my old ringmaster with me last year but I was working with Greenpeace last year and had somewhere safe to stash it.

I’ve got a bit of a plan to take my death robe and ride around on my uni under the robe so it looks like I’m hovering and freak out people a bit worse for wear…