Looking to buy/build a street/trials unicycle in Canada

Can anyone point out to me what some good parts are that are available in Canada, or some recommended unicycles? I’ve been riding for 3 years and I’m getting into street unicycling now. :slight_smile:

Check out Municycle.ca. They have a large variety of unicycles, including lots of different trials unicycles.


For street and trials, it is recommended to use strong parts, as they will have to withstand quite some abuse. Double-wall rim, ISIS splined cranks and hub, large trials tire and minimum 25.4 mm seat post is what you should be looking for.

If you are looking for a used unicycle, you can keep an eye on the trading forum, there are some good offers that come up sometimes. However, currently if I am not mistaking, there is nothing that fits your needs.

If you plan on buying a new unicycle, your best bet would be www.municycle.ca. They carry a wide variety of street and trials unicycles and can ship anywhere in Canada. The Nimbus trials unicycle (Goblin, Inferno, Bling, Distroyer, etc., they technically are all the same, except with different color schemes) is a very good and affordable unicycle. If you plan on riding more and more agressively, you should consider upgrading the cranks to Kris Holm Moment cranks (compatible with the Nimbus hub the comes with the Nimbus trials unicycle), or go with the Kris Holm trials unicycle (more expensive though).

The difference between the two is mostly their weight, but also slighty their strength, as the KH unicycle comes with a 27.2 mm seat post, as opposed to a 25.4 mm on the Nimbus. The base on the seat of the KH is also strengthed. However, both unicycles would be good for you to start street riding, and even later on.

I hope I could help, feel free to ask if you have any other questions.


EDIT : Oups, sorry. Unihopper beat me to it…

Thanks for the replies. I’m definitely going to have to go with either the Nimbus trials or the KH, although the Nimbus would be much more affordable for me. :slight_smile:

Where in Canada are you? In BC ebikes.ca has a good selection of unicycles and parts in stock, very friendly people too.

It’s been years since I dealt with them but I had a good experience with Bedford unicycles in Ontario too.

Is Darren Bedford still in business? I always had great service from Bedford Unicycles!