Looking to buy a coker

I’m looking to buy a coker. Custom-made frame one any suggestions PS it has anybody out there ride in the Seattle to Portland ride.

Re: Looking to buy a coker

Stock Coker’s work pretty darn well, and are not very expensive (compared to a custom).


Affordable, custom made coker frames are generally the reserve of GB4. However George is on a pretty uneven schedule at the moment since he’s living away from his workshop, so he’s only making frames every few months when he can get back to the shop. If you’re willing to wait, then his frames are fantastic, and he’s willing to customise it to rider profile, intended wheelset and other accessory possibilities (e.g. brakes).

Other than that, there’s always Hunter. More expensive but bomb-proof, great looking, light and probably manufactured faster (at the moment anyway).

Of course, the general coker frame should be more than enough for most peoples uses, unless you have a specific application in mind?


Have one of GB4’s frames on the way. He is in between CO and IA right now, but was great with communication and really did get the frame out quickly considering his current situation. Just over 1 month. Not bad for custom work. It was a real pleasure working with George, and he even sent photos of my frame at different stages of development. I should have it Friday, to say I am excited is an understatement. Just one more part and it will be complete. That’s taking a little longer than the frame did, but nothing can be done about that, just have to wait…

There is a lot to recommend buying a stock coker and upgrading it as you go. A custom package is great, but you don’t get to ride while you wait. A couple of months wait for a custom package is probably the absolute minimum.

One great alternative - which I chose - was to order the custom coker, and then buy a cheap Sun 28" to ride in the interim. (You have to replace the saddle though; thanks to Bugman for loaning me one and quite literally saving my @55.)

Good luck.

Here’s a stock Coker:


A gentleman’s wager that it goes for over $250.