Looking To Buy 06 Kh Trials Unicycle!!!!!

I am looking to buy a year 2006 KH 20’’ trials unicycle. Hopefully in good shape and good price. Nothing bent or damaged on it. If you have one you are looking to sell, or know of someone who is PLEASE send me an im or reply on this thread!

Thank You.

I don’t have a kh but does it have to be the 06?

bro look in the forums before you post something look under 2006 KH20 F/s 400$Canadian

dude there is a KH 06 on sale for $400 a few post under yours !

plus its in canada and thats where you live…

NOw go grab it before someone else does cause its a good deal.

Im selling mine, here.

dude, y dont you want mine anymore, you said you wanted it and everything then just stopped talking and responding to pms and emails