Looking for White Tryall Tire $$$

Does anyone have a white Try all tire I can buy off of them? I am working on a unicycle project and a white tire would be the sweet sweet cherry on top if I could get one.

I will also buy a used one if it is not TOTALLY scrapped.

If you guys have a new one PM me a price…

If its used PM me a price and if you can, a picture.


I sold my only-ridden-indoors-for-about-a-month white try-all last week-end, sorry :frowning:


well thanks for the notice…

Serious guys… If you have a new tire, I will negotiate a good price.

I am trying to build my dream unicycle project!!!

I got one, I would consider selling it because I might be getting a 2.7 monty and I dont really see alot of difference between the Try-all and the Luna(seriously). It’s almost brand new, I used it for some trials/street/flat, you can still see the little lines on the nubs. I washed it last week and I haven’t rode with it since december 20th… Anyway, I still dont know if I will sell it. I’ll PM you very soon if I can sell it to you:)

I know it is a long way away but in April the new nimbus Blizzard tire will be making it’s appearance.

Just giving every one a small peak to what is next.

UDC canada

will it be at all UDC’s? or just canada? I dont know if I want to wait that long