Looking for used 29"/27.5"/(26") in Europe

Still in the learning phase on my 20" but wants to upgrade to something bigger soon. I have my eyes on a new mad4one 29" that fits my budget but I prefer something used and maybe slightly cheaper. So before I order new…

I’m looking for something in the 200€ to 400€ range.

It needs to have ISIS cranks (or Q-Axle) and I prefer a 29" or 27.5" but I may even go for a 26" if someone has a nice offer. Does not matter if it has brakes or not as I don’t have the skills to use them for some time anyway, and I’m not sure I will need them.

Good luck but don’t be surprised if you have to buy new. What you are seeking to buy second hand is often people’s favourite unis. Mid sized unis are versatile - good for distance, good for muni, not so difficult to mount, gets some speed, transportable, not particularly hard to handle. All the pluses, and if there are downsides, they aren’t extreme, only minor.


I can put togher a 26" freewheel (Nimbus Hub) 180mm disc, 125mm cranks in a 27,5 qx frame… It is not ISIS and not suitable for newbies. Does it count?

Thanks for the offer but (of course) a freewheel makes no sense for me being a newbie :sunglasses:

Hello, I have a Kris Holm 29" that I don’t really love, because it’s too big for me. Would prefer a 27.5".

The KH29 is only one year old, but not the latest model. In good shape, except for the unavoidable scratches on the saddle because of the unable unicyclist on the saddle. With brake and very comfortable KH street saddle (old model with removable cover).

But it would be a little more than your suggested price range, 450€ plus shipping. If you are interested, let me know, I will send photos.

Oh, and I’m from Germany, so shipping might not be cheap.

Thanks for the offer. I forgot this post and it’s not relevant anymore.
I found a used KH29 a short drive from my home so that is now part of my collection. It’s kind of big for me too and my current sweet-spot is my 24" with 2.8"/plus size tires but I guess that will change as my skill improves :slight_smile:

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