looking for Unicyclists..... ( mainly canadian)

Attention all Canadian unicyclists,

Im starting to film for my video and im trying to keep most of the ppl in it canadian. If you think your pretty good then send me some footage or contact me on msn or aim.


Screen name: kozyuni (aim)

The video is going to be called “Evolution”. Muni, street, trials, or freestyle, or, what ever u can come up with, maybe some bc wheeling.

If your interested let me know,

Justin Kohse

bring your butt to Montreal then and I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed.

Damn that is far.

you think u could show me some footage before i travel all that distance.

I would really like unicyclists from the western side of Canada, maybe even the states


Oh Owen’s good I think, watch his two movies he’s posted. I dont know were to find them, but he can take care of that good enough.

gaaaaaaaaaaah well all my new stuff I only show to people I talk to on msn cause I’m making a sequel (yes, that’s right, a SEQUEL) to my first movie.

Then hurry it up.

I live in Washington State right now, but I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, so I am a Canadian. (I’m a dual citizen.) I could probably send you some footage I already have sitting around, or make some new clips if I have time next week. I’m reasonably good at freestyle. How much footage would you like?

Unibrow, thou hastn’t heard of the Murde?
Owen’s First Movie
I believe enough is said.

I’d love to be in it… But I doubt I have the l337 skillz for it… My best footage to date is here… Actually I got some more this morning, but it’ll be a few days before I can capture it off the camera… G’luck with the movie, I’m sure I’ll be buying it! :smiley:

Are you planning to make a full-length unicycling DVD (like U2 or OWA) or a shorter online movie (which is what I was thinking when I replied earlier)? I’m sure I could come up with some stuff good enough for an online movie, but I don’t know if I’m up to participating in a full-length DVD.


im doing a full length video like u2, owa, and spaced out. your stuff looks good murde mental ( owen right?) i think we met at toque, i was the only guy on a 24", haha. Anyways, i think your pretty good jsm, where abouts do u live in washington?

anyways, the more the marrier,


Me! Read my “location”

anyone else?


I ride on Salt Spring Island, north of Victoria BC, i guess im ok, my uni is temporarily out of commision, and i dunno if im of a caliber enough to be in your video but ill try anything :slight_smile:

I live in Spokane, about five minutes from the Idaho border. If you want to see some of my stuff, I’ve made quite a few clips for http://unicyclist.org/, on the standard and freestyle pages.

Hey Nrkist,

Did we ride the other weekend? In victoria at the heartland trails?

I was the guy on the 24" with bryan. If so we could do some filming seeing on how your so close. Anyother riders interested let me know.


HAHA damn i can’t believe i didn’t see your name on the bottom of all those posts, ya i was their, with the 20" that broke, but ya i just gotta get a new bolt and i’d love to do some filming, though actually logistics wise i don’t know how that would work. i’m leaving you see, but shoot me an email and we can see if we can work something out.